MIAMI (CBS4) – A police chase in Miami-Dade County came to an end at a Miami apartment complex early Thursday evening.

Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland says it began when the suspect, identified as Luther Henry, 37,  assaulted a police officer near Northwest 68th street and Northwest 19th Avenue by attempting to run him over with a white Ford Taurus. Henry then allegedly took off in the Taurus.

lutherhenry Police Chase Ends With Take Down In Miami

Luther Henry, shown here in a past mugshot, is accused of assaulting an officer and leading police on a high speed chase Thursday evening. (Source: Florida Department of Corrections)

From Chopper 4, the Taurus was seen weaving in and out of traffic on surface streets in North Miami-Dade before going southbound on Interstate 95. Officers say they followed Henry until he entered the highway, but stopped due to the hazard it presented to other drivers on the roadway.

He ultimately exited the highway at Northwest 8th Street and came to a stop near an apartment complex just east of 7th Avenue.

Chopper 4 was above the scene as the suspect ran through the neighborhood, found an unlocked door and entered one of the buildings. Police say the he dropped drugs on the ground before going into the building and when searched, had cocaine in his sock.

Officers set up a perimeter in the area and slowly approached the apartment he was seen entering.

A woman and small girl were taken out of the apartment before officers stormed in with guns drawn.

“The lady opened the door then the man came with the baby. They said, ‘get the hell out — get the f-out’. They grabbed him, threw him on the floor handcuffed him they hit him too,” said witness Frank Toledo.

“I heard couple officers say ‘we see you peeking out of the window. Open the door’, they said ‘we’re going to kick the door down if you don’t open the door’,” said witness Nashombia Thompson.

Henry put up a fight before he was handcuffed.

Det. Rutland tells CBS4 News that he was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital to be treated for injuries sustained in the take down. He did not have information of the condition of the officer who was assaulted before the chase began.

Slideshow: Chase and Take Down

Police say Henry has a long history of traffic violations and violent crimes. A search of the Florida Department of Corrections showed Henry has been in and out of prison since 1992, serving for various crimes including burglary, resisting arrest with violence, and drug infractions.

Watch The Entire Chase

Comments (8)
  1. yokolee says:

    You know what it means that he put up a fight right?
    Poor guy, hope somebody took a video

    1. AndrewJ526 says:

      “Poor guy”
      Poor guy??
      How stupid are you???
      This guy should be put to death. He serves absolutely NO useful purpose to society and NEVER will.
      TWENTY years he has been getting caught doing BAD, TERRIBLE things.
      It’s overdue, that society no longer has to deal with this peice of garbage…put him down for good already.

      1. lakendriea says:

        im hope you don’t report me but im 10 and thats my cusin serisoly i know what he did was wrong but i don’t think all the things you said is nessary i love scot and i wont let nothing happen to him

      2. AndrewJ526 says:

        And just how many ‘cousins’ do you have?

        You can love whatever or whoever you want, I am not going to try to tell you otherwise in that respect.
        But facts are facts, and no matter how much you might love somebody, you should not ignore facts, because in doing so, you will end up being a victim yourself by means of your own negligence, which would be a really stupid thing for you to do.

        By the way, rather than concerning yourself with not letting anything happen to him, how about you concern yourself with not letting him do anything to other people?

  2. Me says:

    The way he was driving is how 80% of Miami Dade County drive during rush hour traffic. Never a cop around, but there are plenty of cameras at intersections raking in millions.

  3. james m lyon says:

    shoot to kill!!!

  4. ken says:

    Taking out the GARBAGE!

  5. Bubbawubba Gump says:

    Moral of the story….when the police say “come out with your hands up”, don’t tell them to F-off or you gonna get an Orange bowl elevator ride!

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