MIAMI – ( – Two of the three men accused of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of a couple at a Miami Gardens gas station will undergo psychological evaluations, a Miami-Dade Circuit judge ordered Wednesday.

The court appointed psychologists to evaluate Dylan McFarlane and Wayne Williams who are accused of the fatal shooting that occurred at 12:38 a.m. on July 25th at the Mobile Gas Station south of the Palmetto Expressway on Northwest 57th Avenue.

Prosecutor Michael Von Zamft said he would not be pursuing the death penalty in the cases because Eric Ellington and Wayne Williams were both 16 when they allegedly shot the young couple.

Julian Soler, 23, and Kennia Duran, 24, were both shot to death while pumping gas into Soler’s 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra. They were ambushed, forced out of the car and shot. The shooting was captured on surveillance video from the store.

Police say Ellington named two of his accomplices and said his fingerprints were found on the victim’s car. Ellington has since entered a not guilty plea.

All the men face two counts of first-degree murder, robbery, armed carjacking, burglary with assault or battery, and armed robbery.

The next hearing was scheduled for September 28th before Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Lisa Walsh.

  1. Nina says:

    Actually neither Dylan McFarlane or Wayne Williams were ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. Only Eric Ellington is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation because he claims he does not understand how the system works. Clearly all the time he has spent in the Juvenile system has made him an expert at trying to manipulate the judicial system. Two doctors have already submitted their evaluations but the judge felt that she needed the opinion of another doctor. This new report is due by October 5th.

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