POMPANO BEACH (CBS4) – A Broward County Sheriff’s deputy shot and injured a pit bull in Pompano Beach that was charging at him.

The deputy was attempting to serve a restraining order around 5:00 p.m. in the 1100 block of Northeast 23rd Terrace when the incident took place.

The deputy was not injured in the attack.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports the dog was placed in the custody of animal control and its condition was not immediately available.

According to reports, the deputy knocked on an apartment door to serve the restraining order. When the door opened, the dog slipped out and charged at the deputy.

Sheriff’s officials say the man who opened the door was a visitor at the apartment and was not the intended recipient of the restraining order. They say he did not order the dog to attack the deputy.

Comments (4)
  1. ok368 says:

    The officer did the right thing. Those pit bulls are savage animals like their owners.

    1. Ray Man says:

      Hell no, i got served with a warrant last month i had my dogs on a leash and a family member holding them and my hands behind my back saying arrest me and leave, and before they put the cuffs on me the cops said put your dogs in a different room before i shoot them. I told my family member not to listen and told the cops to arrest me and get F out. If it wasnt for 5 witnesses there they would have abused there power and shot the dogs even when they were on a leash. THESE COPS ARE F’D UP THINKING THEY HAVE ALL THIS POWER!!!

      1. ok368 says:

        What kind of dogs did you have at the time you were being served the warrant? Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls?

  2. Chucky says:

    Ray Man!

    Are you sure about all of that?! I find the characterization to be a bit suspect.

    However, I do like the part that goes, “…arrest me and get the eff’ out.”

    Me thinks ok368 sees things more so spot-on.

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