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SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE (CBS4) – Two people, including a veteran Florida Highway Patrol officer, were hospitalized after another head-on collision on Krome Avenue; and FHP tells CBS4 that this is a particularly alarming story.

An FHP spokeswoman said the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol, according to a witness.

Investigators also said the driver whose car struck the trooper not only has an outstanding warrant for DUI, but records show that he was also arrested for DUI in 2008 and was arrested twice for disorderly intoxication in 1996 and 2001. The driver was also just arrested this month for possessing marijuana, which was the second time he was arrested for that offense.

The driver was identified as Carlos Mauricio Pena, 32, of Kendall.

Investigators said the accident happened this morning a mile north of Kendall Drive on Krome Avenue. They said Trooper Lynn Stein, a 21-year veteran, was headed northbound when her car was struck by a Chevrolet Cavalier driven by Pena.

FHP said it appears that Pena’s car veered into Stein’s lane, but there will be no official ruling until the investigation is complete. His crushed car remained on the scene until a tow truck removed it just before 1 p.m., enabling Krome Avenue to be reopened in that area.

“We think alcohol or drugs could be a factor in this incident,” said FHP spokeswoman, Trooper Nelvys Hernandez. “We did have a female witness say that she sensed some type of odor.”

Troopers visited West Kendall Baptist Hospital, where Stein was treated and eventually released on Friday afternoon. She told security officers at the hospital that she did not want to speak.

But Hernandez told CBS4’s Peter D’Oench that, “She is doing well. She had some minor injuries to her legs.”

“The trooper’s doing well,” said FHP Captain Marshall Davies after he visited her at the hospital in the morning. “She’s being checked out by doctors and has some pain killers for her legs.”

“We have a lot of concern for her and we hope all goes well,” said Davies.

Hernandez said that because of the outstanding warrant for Pena for DUI, he would be arrested at Jackson Memorial Hospital and placed in Ward D. “He has to be arrested and he will be arrested,” said Hernandez.

Records show that Pena lives at a home in Country Walk. No one was at home when CBS4 checked.

Investigators said this accident shows how dangerous this job can be.

“We stress that with the officers all the time but by nature with what we do, we are always exposed to dangers.” said Davies.

“We tell the community that we have to be careful when we get behind the wheel,” said Hernandez. “Safety is our number one concern. We need to be considerate when we get behind the wheel.”

Comments (17)
  1. Giuseppe Storniolo says:

    How many more accidents have to happen on Krome Ave. or deaths for that matter to spark authorities to expand that road. I for one had a horrible experience when traveling on Krome on a rainy and very wet road, the road has no drainage whatsoever and your car will hydroplane. I actually had to stop when oncoming traffic was closing in.

  2. Luis bonilla says:

    I wouldnt doubt if this officer was going above the speed limit since he is above the law like the rest of his cronies who wear the badge.

    1. justsaying says:

      It really doesn’t matter what speed you are going when someone else comes into your lane., does it?

    2. v says:

      Luis Bonilla, you cant read cant you? This officer is a she not a he.

    3. eduardo says:

      i know this police officer and first thing first is not a man and two she is a great person. didnt have anything to do with it, the other driver wasnt even suppose to be free and driving.

      1. Copplop says:

        how come when a cop crashes or is killed everyone knows them? these cops are thugs with a badge people!

      2. nunbetter says:

        No cops are not great people. If this cop you know is so wonderful why is she a cop? Perhaps, she should become a nun.

    4. Coppiecop says:

      Yes, cops are the worst law breakers. Cops are terrible people and think they can get away with murder, and usually do. Nice job killing an innocent rottweiler the other day cops. What if a child of a cop got hit by a food truck and spattered all over the street. The whole message board will know this cop.

  3. citizen says:

    Luis bonilla
    Do humanity a favor;
    Take a Valium, relax and have your primary
    castrate you to ensure that you don’t reproduce !

    1. Diceman says:

      Your mama should have not reproduced. Is you screen name short for illegal citizen?

  4. havanaharry says:

    Luis, since you have a crystal ball, please provide me with the winning Power Ball numbers for Saturday night. Scuzzball.

    1. language-tape says:

      Please, cop defender do you have to use demeaning language. A lot of cops use demeaning language, but I guess if you got all D’s in high school like most cops you language skills would be minimal.

  5. tincup says:

    Mr. Luis Bonilla
    You are another example of the ‘many’, (morons) who live in Miami-Dade county.

  6. Runied says:

    No, tincup you are a moron defending cops that break the law, and get away with it every day. I really feel sorry for the cop… not. Tincup is only giving an opinion. This is not Honduras, Cuba or Columbia where citizens are not allowed to voice their opinions. Hispanics have ruined Miami and have made driving worse than ever!

  7. Bt20 says:

    Columbia!? You mean the District of!? Lol

  8. cubano chancletero says:

    what a horrible accident. This is terrible.

  9. open your eyes says:

    @ Ruined, that’s a pretty ignorant statement and I’m American. poor little you. that trooper’s car surely has ABS brakes unlike that old Cavalier. from the looks of the skid marks and crash it seems the state trooper was in his lane and at fault but with that record you know how this is going to turn out. and if Mr./Ms. Ruined is the state attorney well well well…

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