DAVIE (CBS4) – A Sunrise police officer has found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Officer Milton Plante, 45, was arrested Tuesday, Sept. 13th after Davie police say he went on a violent rampage at a Davie gas station.

Plante was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly slashed three car tires and waved a knife at two men at a gas station located on the 3300 block of University Drive.

Witnesses told police they saw Plante slash the tires of a car belonging to a gas station attendant. Then, he reportedly threatened to kill one man and swung his knife at him.

Another man said Plante screamed obscenities and waved his knife when the man asked Plante what he was doing. The man said he felt threatened and shoved Plante, who stumbled and fell face-first to the ground. The man was able to take Plante’s knife away, then called police.

Plante posted bond but declined to comment at his Lauderhill home to CBS 4 News.

However neighbors say he isn’t known for being hot headed.

“I can’t judge him but I can tell you he is a very nice man,” commented one neighbor who has known Plante for several years.

Comments (4)
  1. jaques meoff says:

    and we wonder why there is so much crime. this is what the city gives us for protection.. gee thanks for nothing you corrupt politicians.

  2. Robert Smith says:

    Whats the police code for being totally intoxicated and hot for somebody else’s wife?

  3. vigilante says:

    The Police Chief and City manager need to suspend him without pay. The Bond Judge needs to hold him in jail without bond, and the State Attorney needs to prosecute him to the full extend of the law like any non-police officers would be.

    Wow, that was a nice dream……I bet none of that will happen, and this alleged threat to society is going to be pampered by the system….

  4. Very concerned says:

    Does anyone know what color and make of car does this guy drives? He may have been involved in other similar abuses of his ego driven authority and there may be other victims out there? Why has the media not inquired about the results of Drug Testing? This behavior is either a psychopath or someone on steriods, especially inlight of the neighbors claims that he is not a hot head. Since he was not fired after being arrested and prosecuted, or minimally suspended without pay, it certainly appears that some one in the Dept. is covering up for him.

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