Repo Man Involved In Deadly Confrontation

MIRAMAR (CBS4) – A South Florida repossession agent, also known as a repo man, shot and killed a man after being shot at while trying to do his job.

According to Miramar police, the repo agent was attempting to recover a 2005 Dodge Magnum located on the 6200 block of SW 27 Street around 12:00 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 15th when he was approached by Jewell Omar Williams. The agent told police Williams was cursing and yelling at him and obstructed him from removing the vehicle. Then, police said, Williams pulled out a gun and started firing.

The repo agent, who was not hit, grabbed his own gun and shot back.

Police said Williams was not the owner of the vehicle, nor did he live at the address where the car was parked.

Williams was transported to Memorial Regional with gunshot wounds. He later died at the hospital.

  • Me

    I think the only people in South Florida besides cops who own guns are all the third world trash, which is 70% of South Florida.

    • Xamot

      It is the third world trash that give people a reason to have to carry a gun like the POS that confronted the repo man.

    • FYI

      I disagree. Only 4% of people with concealed weapons pernits use it in a crime. It is those who illegally posses weapons or obtain them illegally that are the problem.

  • Chucky

    …strong point on the third-world trash element.

    This kind of thing seems to happen all-to-often in certain neighborhoods; in certain parts of town..

    It doesn’t happen, generally, in mine.

    FYI, I don’t know how that comment applies here, but it’s a good point.

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