Car Hits 6 Year Old, Driver Flees, Family Begs For Help

SUNNY ISLES (CBS4) – It was just a trip 10 houses down the street on his bike, but that trip ended with a world of pain for 6 year-old Jacob Shaked. A car slammed into the boy Friday, crushing his bike like it did his body, and the person responsible just drove away.

Jacob survived, and is the hospital connected to tubes as he tries to recover from injured organs and broken bones.

His family is devastated.

“Its heartbroke to see a child that flourishes in everything he does,” said father Yariv Shaked, “and suddenly you see him in a bed laying with tubes all over him.”

The Sunny Isles neighborhood where this happened is a gated community, with a low speed limit to protect kids just like Jacob. However, some complain the drivers ignore those speed limits, putting kids at risk.

Jacob is breathing with the help of a machine because of what one of those drivers did to him, and the fact that they left him in the street and drove away is one of the hardest things for Jacob’s dad to accept.

“That’s the hardest part about it is that if they would have hit my son and stopped I was able to forgive and I said accidents happen,” he said, “But the person hit my son and took off him laying on the street.”

“He’s in massive pain.”

Investigators are hoping someone may have seen something and will come forward, or even the driver might have a change of heart and step up to explain what happen. Police are hoping for a break, because even they are having a hard time with this one.

“You can’t see images like that and not be touched,” said Corporal Brian Schnell of the Sunny Isles Police Department. “All of you out there…tonight, you may be parents. Put yourself in this family’s shoes.”

“I’m scared when I see him like that,” Shaked said, “it really really affects me in a horrible way. I’m really shocked…you know I’m shocked to see my son like that.”


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