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MIAMI (CBS4) – The Miami Commission meeting over the future of suspended Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito was showing no signs of getting closer to a conclusion Friday afternoon when things became even more surreal than people were expecting.

According to CBS4’s Jim DeFede, when the commission went into recess around 2 p.m., many of the people covering the trial went to Scotty’s Landing. It turned out that’s also where Exposito was during the recess.

DeFede said everyone was settling in at Scotty’s when actor Erik Estrada, star of the hit 1970’s show CHIPs, walked in at Scotty’s.

Exposito’s right hand man, Major Alvarez ran over to Estrada and grabbed him to come over to meet the suspended chief. It was at that point Exposito and Estrada hugged.

This left DeFede with several questions that he wants answered.

  • Would Ponch have been the kind of cop who would have loved Exposito as a boss?
  • Will the man who played Ponch testify before the commission in support of the chief?

As DeFede wrote, “stay tuned for the answers to these and more questions as we continue the saga…As Miami Burns.”


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