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MIAMI (CBSMiami) — Coral Gables police officer Ivan Cabrera, who was relieved of duty following a strong arm robbery and cyberstalking arrest, had charges dropped, according to court records.

In addition, an order to expunge, or erase, the court record in this case was granted on April 19th, 2012.

No further action will take place in this case.


CORAL GABLES  (CBSMiami) –  Bond was set at $7500 Saturday for  21-year veteran Coral Gables police officer Ivan Cabrera, who was relieved of duty and arrested Friday. He was charged with cyberstalking and strong armed robbery.

Cabrera did not make an appearance Saturday at Miami-Dade bond court. Instead, attorney Diana Costa appeared on his behalf.

Coral Gables police did not say why Cabrera had been charged, only that it was related to something that happened while he was off duty.

At one point, he was a member of the FBI Joint Terrorism task force. In 2008, according to city records, he was one of a number of Gables officers selected as a finalist for the LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Foundation Awards.

“Due to this matter being an Internal Affairs Investigation by the Coral Gables Police Department,” the department said in a written statement, “the Department will not be making any further statements at this time.”

Comments (14)
  1. Carol says:

    Do these kind of things surprise me not in the least because don’t forget these police are around crime all of the time so they learn from the professionals.

  2. tim 3500 says:

    Gables cops are bad news. They are all on steroid rage.

  3. sam says:

    I had a bad experience with Gables cops, as a former law enforcement agent, they are useless officers bored to death because they have no real action in the Gables, so they over react to everything. Bad Policing starts at the top. They should be more over cite on how these officers are behaving and not covering up their actions. As a former Law Enforcement Officer i am ashamed to see how these guys call themselves police officers, you guys give serve and protect a bad name. Bad training, policing is not about being macho but be a very good decision maker, bad cops cost the city and the tax payer money, and these guys go thought psychological training?? Wake up idiots, you are destroying the profession which is full of integretity and service.

  4. rey says:

    I see that it’s very easy to make negative comments when you do have the entire story. Most people that have negative things to say about the police is because they received a citation or were arrested, but when you need them because you were a victim of a crime its different. Sam I would think being a former law enforcement officer you would have more respect for the profession.

    1. justataxpayer says:

      Apparently you live in a tower and have never been a victim of crime Rey. In fact, you sound like one of the trouble-making police officers that are in support of continuing the status quo with the armed thugs with a badge and a license to terrorize, harass and leech of the government dole. The fact of the matter is nearly all police officers are corrupt, aggressive bullies that neither serve a constructive prpose to the community. This has nothing to do with citations or other simple corrections to South Florida’s citizenry. The crime and criminal justice isystem is a farce and the only people that do not believe this are the ones who are gaming the system and sucking us all dry.

    2. poorlittlerey says:

      Rey you are only sticking up for Ivan Cabrera because he is cuban like you. We have laws in this country. You don’t like it then go back to Fidel.

  5. rey says:

    No I don’t live in a tower and I have been a victim in the past. I was happy to see the police respond to my home when I was victimized. Apparently Justataxpayer is a total law enforcment hater, and it sounds like you have been in trouble with the law many times. Like in all profession there are good people and bad one its irresponsible to say all law enforcment officers are bad. I guess poorlittleerey is very preudice, and to respond I have been in the US all my life and unless you are an American Indian you or your ancestors came from some other country so maybe you should go back to that country. In closing if they got rid of all iaw enforcment all of you would be very happy and there would be chaos.

  6. Mirtha says:

    Hey, first of all Ivan is not Cuban, he was born here of an American mother. He is a wonderful person. It gals me that you are al making negative comments about a person you have no idea who he is. Let the law do their investigation. Coral Gable Police Officers are the best of Miami,

  7. Chuck says:

    This guy is a trouble maker and has a jaded past with reports posted with other agencies in south florida where he blew up and got violent with other people off duty. He seems to be a short fused trouble maker and hopefully this incident will remove him from law enforcement where he does not need nor deserve to be. He is a black eye to all the good cops out there.

    1. Mirtha says:

      Hey Chuck, get some toilet paper and clean the side of your mouth. You have no idea who Officer Cabrera is.. He has no jaded past.

  8. Anna says:

    I agree with Mirtha and Rey. Officer Ivan Cabrera is a fine police officer, a fantastic human being, a great friend, and a wonderful loving and caring father. Mirtha and I know Officer Cabrera. I personally know Ivan for over 22 years and this is a little pebble in his life and he will come out of this with honor. Coral Gables Police will do the proper investigation professionally and complete. Officer Cabrera always does his best and he does not have a jaded past. Coral Gables police officers are professionals and receive training 24/7. Every police officer in the nation get up every day to do the best that they can be and put their life on the line every day. Police officers are authentic and remarkable human beings that we need them when we are victims Officer Ivan Cabrera will succeed!

  9. nancy says:

    What possibly happened? If I was to give my neighbor an aspirin and they had a bad reaction to it, I would be charged with prescribing medication without a license because I am a nurse. Ivan has a gun on him because he is a police officer. Things are not always as they appear. “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” Matthew 5:7

  10. lisa says:

    Oh Anna, you have no idea. There are quite a few tortured abused and terrorized women in his past.

    1. Mirtha says:

      If there are more abused and terrorized women in his past, they should have made a complain to IA. He has up to this descretion, a very clean record.

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