MIAMI ( – Sometimes an idea comes along that may seem good on paper, but not as good once put into motion. That could describe the outcry from Dolphins fans over a new promotion announced during Saturday’s Dolphins game.

Dolphins CEO Mike Dee appeared on CBS4 in the broadcast booth to talk football. During the conversation, Dee announced a special “Gator Day” at Sun Life Stadium. It seemed innocuous, but the reason behind Gator Day has some fans steamed.

Gator Day will reunite some members of the 2009 Florida Gators national championship team on the field they won the title on. It’s also the home field of the University of Miami Hurricanes football team.

To put that in perspective, imagine if the University of Alabama held a get together for Auburn players in two years to celebrate the 2010 Auburn national championship.

The Gator Day experience will include a pre-game tailgate celebration, a ticket for the game, and a post-game photo opportunity with former UF players and current NFL players.

So who are the Dolphins playing for Gator Day? It’s the Denver Broncos, currently the team employing 2009 National Championship quarterback Tim Tebow. The Dolphins will also have former Gator Mike Pouncey on the field, but if Tebow enters the game, who will the fans cheer for?

In essence, the Dolphins are desperate to try to sell tickets after two poor seasons, so they will risk alienating University of Miami fans and Florida State fans by having Gator Day.

Comments (4)
  1. Luis Bonilla says:

    pathetic, the only reason i would go and see the Dolphins play is either the cheerleaders take it off or the Ravens are in town. dolphins suck

  2. Edwin says:

    Oh yeah, whatever happened to the 2004 USC Trojan Championship Celebration? They won their national title at now Sun Life Stadium with this running back, Reggie Bush.

    Oh, I forgot, they took that one off the books.

  3. Jose says:

    What do Canes fans care. It is not as though they will be at the stadium. Canes fans don’t show up on Saturday to watch the canes, but they’ll show up on Sunday right? All 5,000 of you? Worry about having a football team next year, not about a few Gators.

  4. Sushiden says:

    Tebow starting will sell sell sell tickets \generate a Home Field like feeling.

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