NORTH MIAMI (CBS4) – Two men were pistol whipped during a home invasion robbery in North Miami early Sunday morning.

Police spokesman Lt. Neal Cuevas said six people were in a home in the 12700 block of NE 4th Avenue when three armed men stormed inside.  The home’s owner, William Foster, thinks they got in through a door which was not completely locked.  He told CBS4 reporter Silva Harapetian he was awakened with a gun in his face.

Foster said the trio initially told them they were police officers and showed badges.  They then demanded to see the IDs of everyone one in the home.

When the people in the home began to get suspicious the armed men, Foster said they were tied up everyone and had duct tape put over the others mouths.  The gunmen then demanded Foster’s money and jewelry.

“The asked specifically for the brand of watch that I wear,” said Foster.

Foster said he was hit twice in the head with a gun.   They also struck another man in the head with a gun.  They then reportedly demanded to be taken to the safe.  Foster said they dragged him down stairs but the safe, as it turns out, was empty at the time of the robbery.  The men got away with only a couple of cell phones and the women’s purses.

Foster said the men knew too much about him.  He suspects they know someone who knows him because they had too much information about him – like about the safe and his watch.

“They did not seem like routine robbers,” said Foster.

Foster and the other man who was hit with a gun were treated at the scene.   One of the women was taken to North Shore Hospital where she was treated for a seizure.

Foster said the whole house is wired with security cameras so it shouldn’t be too hard for police to identify and catch those responsible.

Comments (3)
  1. Old School African American says:

    We need more cameras in this city. And people need more security in their homes.

    We need to stop letting people have babies who are unable to raise them.

    We need to go back to inspecting government funded housing so that drunks and drug dealers cannot use it as headquarters.

    1. Johnson says:

      you right on target.

      I wish those things would happen

  2. El dAnNy says:

    There were 6 people in the house, start by investigating those people they might know who did it.

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