HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – Six minutes of terror were caught on camera as three armed men robbed a Hollywood jewelry store of a million dollars in cash and merchandise.

Surveillance cameras captured the men, all in their 20s, walking into Koosh Jewelers in the 2700 block of Stirling Road on Tuesday around 11 a.m. They were dressed casually trying to blend in with the other customers.

Two of them men approached one of the owners. “He gave me a watch to do a battery for him,” said Dorel Sharaby, an owner. “When I turned around, he ordered everybody down and pushed everybody on the floor.”

That’s when the men brandished their guns and even dragged some of the customers and employees to the corner of the store. Meanwhile some of the other alleged robbers looted the cases and forced the employees to open the store’s safes.

“The only thing I cared about it is make sure everything is alright,” said Sharaby. “I was talking to the people while they were there. I said please don’t hurt anybody. Nobody is here to do anything. Just take what you gotta do. Please leave. You know my only concern was my customers, my friends and especially my wife.”

Now nearly all of the jewelry cases in the store are empty. A tough sight to see for Sharaby who said he’s worked 16 years to build his business. This is the first time he’s ever been robbed.

“My hope first of all is to catch these people and put them behind bars,” he said. “Somebody who works very hard to support their family and to grow in life and to grow with the community, people to come in here and take what you’ve worked 16 years for, you and your family, to be taken away from you it hurts.”

After stealing more than a million dollars in cash and jewelry, the men ran out of the store to waiting black newer model SUV and sped off. Police have not released a description of the men who robbed the store or the get away driver.

Anyone with information on the robbery can call the Hollywood Police Department at (954) 967-HELP (4357) or Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477).

  1. yokolee says:

    Thanks God
    no one got hurt

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