Red Light Cameras Go “Live” At Five Coral Springs Intersections

CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – Lights, Camera…Fine, well, at least not for another month.

Cameras at nearly half a dozen Coral Springs intersections began snapping pictures Monday of drivers who ran red lights.  The active intersections include:

  • Southbound at University Drive and Riverside Drive
  • Northbound and Southbound at University Drive and Ramblewood Drive
  • Northbound and Southbound at University Drive and Shadow Wood Blvd.
  • Northbound at University Drive and Royal Palm Blvd.
  • Eastbound at Sample Road and Riverside Drive

Signs are posted at intersections with the cameras to inform drivers.

Click Here for more information on Coral Springs’ red-light cameras.

Vehicles that pass the stop line after the light turns red will be captured in two photos and a video clip. A police officer trained in red-light camera enforcement will then look over the images and decide whether or not a violation has occurred. Those caught on camera running red lights will receive warnings for the next 30 days. On September 14th, the city will begin issuing fines of $158 to the vehicle’s registered owner.

Violators have 30 days to pay the fine or challenge it in court. If not paid within 30 days, it is then considered a standard traffic infraction and the fine is beefed up to $263.

The city intends to install red-light cameras at seven intersections by the year’s end.


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