ORLANDO (CBS4) – Attorney’s for Casey Anthony plan to appeal a judge’s order that she return to Florida to serve one year of supervised probation on a check-fraud conviction, according to CNN.

Orange County Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. ruled Friday that Anthony has to report to a state Department of Corrections facility in Orlando no later than noon on August 26.

Judge Stan Strickland sentenced Anthony in January 2010 to one year of probation after she pleaded guilty to stealing checks from a friend. He said Anthony should serve the probation upon her release, but those instructions never made it to a written order. Corrections officials interpreted the sentence to mean Anthony could serve the probation while she was in jail awaiting her murder trial.

Strickland clarified in an order that Anthony needs to start serving probation now that she is out of jail. Strickland later recused himself and turned the case over to Judge Belvin Perry, who presided over the murder trial that ended last month with Anthony’s acquittal in her daughter’s death.

Perry put the probation order on hold temporarily and heard arguments from Anthony’s attorneys. They told the judge that she had served her probation while in jail awaiting her murder trial and requiring her to do so again would be double jeopardy. They also argued that she would be in danger if her location were known, given that she has received death threats.

Perry said he would authorize the Department of Corrections to make an exception and keep Anthony’s address private during her probation. The judge also discounted the double jeopardy argument, saying Anthony was unable to meet the goals of a probationary sentence since she was in jail.

“It is clear the court stated the defendant’s probation was to start once she was released from jail,” Perry said in his order.

Allowing Anthony to serve probation while in jail “would take a lawfully imposed sentence and make it a mockery of justice,” Perry added. “This would allow a defendant to take advantage of a scrivener’s error and be rewarded. This is not the message the courts want to send to the public or defendants.”

Anthony has been out of the public eye since she was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. The jury’s decision angered many people online and elsewhere, and threats were made against Anthony’s life.

Under the terms of the probation order, Anthony will have to report to a probation officer every month and can’t change her residency without permission from the probation officer. She is prohibited from getting drunk or using drugs, is required to find a job and can’t associate with known criminals. She must submit to reasonable searches in her home and at her job by her probation officer.

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Comments (3)
  1. janelwhite says:

    They’ll likely win and then they will sue the state. -Jane

  2. janelwhite says:

    Casey wrote some bad checks and lied to the cops. Big deal, get over it, she did the time for that already. The only people upset with her are the same people that thought she would be facing the death penalty and they were proven wrong and to be fools. Move on with yourselves and try to become educated about the facts first on the next case you will be wrong about. It’s not Casey these mad people are mad about, it’s their own failures and their own ignorance they are so frustrated about being proven to be so wrong for so long. -Jane

    1. janelwhite says:

      According to the probation department themselves, she served her probation time and was discharged. Facts speak louder than speculation imo. -Jane

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