Psychologists Seeing “Market Anxiety” In Patients

MIAMI (CBS4) – It is enough to make anyone more than just a little nervous, Wall Street’s wild mood swings up and down.

Trillions of dollars are being lost around the world, and savings and investments look like they’re being wiped out.

South Florida small investor Tom Mara can’t keep up with it all.

“You wonder about what is going to happen with your money and all of your investments and everything that you’ve saved,” said Mara. “Yeah, I am definitely nervous.”

And it could be getting a lot worse than just a little nervous.

Local mental health specialists say recently they have seen an upswing in patients complaining about similar problems.

Experts say some so-called “market anxiety” warning signs are: insomnia, poor concentration, irritability, and excessive tension.

“What we have seen over the past recent weeks and really emphasized this week has been what a am calling a ‘perfect storm’ of mental health issues,” said Baptist Hospital Neuropsychologist Dr. Raphael Rival-Vasquez.

So what’s the best way of dealing with all the recent financial stress? Psychologists say proactive financial planning, shared family discussion, diversions, and hobbies help relieve stress.

If necessary, professional help in the form of financial or family counseling may be appropriate.


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