MIAMI (CBS4)- Hundreds of demonstrators, along with human rights organizations and activists, are joining forces to rally outside the Department of Homeland Security office in Miami Thursday.

Protestors said they are demanding changes in U.S. immigration policy for Haitians. More than 200 demonstrators are calling attention to what they say are the “discriminatory policies that continue to treat Haitian immigrants to the U.S. by standards differently than immigrants from other countries, most notably Cuba.”

The organization holding the 11 a.m. demonstration at the U.S. Customs building at 8801 NW 7th Avenue are calling for the White House to adopt the Haitian Family Reunification Plan (HFRP). The HFRP would help Haitians in Haiti and the Diaspora by granting immediate parole in the U.S. to already approved immigration beneficiaries.

The organization said this would help reunite 16,000 minor children and spouses with their families and allow parolees to be eligible for work.

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  1. JCT says:

    CBS 200 people are not HUNDREDS of demonstrators. That wining claim is too old to be consider valid. The USA had aided Haiti with billions of dollars in humanitarian aid in the last 40 years, while the Cubans the only help they get is the hope to live in freedom. Haitian people are 100% wrong trying to attach their claim to other people suffering, ti’s dishonest and low class.

    1. Fact Boy says:

      JCT…Let’s check this out. “CBS 200 people are not HUNDREDS of demonstrators.” The last time I checked, if you have two groups of 100 that would be ‘hundreds’. Of course, this is an estimate since nobody counts crowds (except pro sports at the turnstile 🙂 As for the Cubans, Cuba got Billions from the Soviets, and continues to get funds from countries like Venezuela.

  2. yokolee says:

    For the same reason
    send them all back
    we have enough with

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