ORLANDO (CBS4) – Casey Anthony “failed to protect her child from harm,” according to a new report by the Florida Department of Children and Families.

The 12-page DCF report is the final report on 2-year-old Caylee Anthony’s death. It recaps the circumstances surrounding the toddler’s disappearance, death and multi-year investigation into the case.

The report says Casey Anthony failed to protect Caylee and that the failure interfered with the law enforcement investigation and efforts to find the child.

“It is the conclusion of the Department of Children and Families that [Casey Anthony] failed to protect her child from harm either through her actions or lack of actions, which tragically resulted in the child’s untimely death,” the investigation’s report states.

An agency spokesman says the report does not accuse Anthony of killing her daughter.

Read: Casey Anthony Final DCF Report

According to the Orlando Sentinel, DCF spokeswoman Carrie Hoeppner said the state agency’s probe, which ended this week, was not a criminal investigation. The conclusions were submitted to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, but they will not result in any charges against Casey Anthony.

A jury acquitted Anthony in Caylee’s death. She was released from jail and has dropped from public sight.

A judge ordered her to return to Florida to serve probation on unrelated check fraud charges. Her lawyers appealed and another judge is expected to rule whether Anthony must follow that order.

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Comments (14)
  1. Jimbo99 says:

    Duh ? Then again she wwent on trial and was acquitted, close the case gracefully DCF, there’s not much else to say about it other than acquitted.

  2. Felix El Gato says:

    Hopefully, this won’t interfere with Casey’s upcoming book.

  3. janelwhite says:

    Clearly the state of Florida is continuing to make more false allegations that can never be proven in an attempt to help to minimize all the egg-on-their-face demonstrated by their own incompetence in the state vs Casey Anthony case. That’s a nice allegation against Casey and I am sure Casey will benefit from all the cash she and Baez will get from the state after they sue the state on that erroneous and ridiculous allegation. -Jane

  4. janelwhite says:

    Failed to protect Caylee from sneaking out and going into the pool by herself? Only person responsible for that was Caylee. -Jane

    1. Hilde says:

      Jane, accusing the Victim now? That is about as low as even You can go. JMO

    2. BJ McLaughlin says:

      Caylee was T W O years old, you brainless dolt. You should immediately seek intensive mental health care.

  5. chuck says:

    cAYLEE DID NOT DROWN IN A POOL,. There was 0000 proof of that story, except for Biaz,s fairy tale story…The proff was Caylee was chororformed then tripled bagged and the dumped in the woods by Casey to rot..There was science and the dogs to prove that evidence…I think i would believe science first, before a fairyt ale story that biaz made up….

  6. janelwhite says:

    cAYLEE DROWN IN A POOL, at least according to the facts of the case :). -Jane

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      You’re delusional. And probably dangerous.

      1. janelwhite says:

        Factual often appears delusional to uninformed people like yourself, but thanks for the compliment. -Jane

      2. BJ McLaughlin says:

        …and clearly in denial. Sad.

  7. BJ McLaughlin says:

    Wow. The findings in that report are …BRILLIANT. Thank you very much Captain Obvious. Another bureaucrat pushes papers around their desk at the taxpayers expense.

  8. janelwhite says:

    The judge may have failed to consider two important issues in this action. One, Casey Anthony was already released from probation by the probation department and this will be overturned on the Appellate level. And two, I don’t believe the judge considered just how many complaints the probation department is likely to receive from this defendant by claims of inappropriate actions and non-actions alleged against the department in a twelve month period of time. This will cost the Florida tax-payers an untold and incalculable amount of money. And, for what? Nothing. Casey wins again. What happened to justice for Caylee? -Jane

  9. janelwhite says:

    Not in denial like you BJ, just using the facts of the case. -Jane

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