PEMBROKE PINES (CBS4) – Couples who struggle with infertility will do anything to figure out the problem, and the testing usually starts with the woman.

But many doctors are seeing male infertility on the rise.

After trying for three years to have a baby, South Florida couple Anthony and Andrea Temperino found out there was a major fertility problem, but it wasn’t with Andrea, it was with Anthony. After a simple test, doctors found his sperm count was zero.

“I was very embarrassed by the whole situation,” said Anthony.

“When we first found out we couldn’t have children we didn’t talk about it with anybody,” said Andrea.

The Temperino’s met with Pembroke Pines infertility specialist Dr. Ellen Wood, who discovered that Anthony had a thyroid problem which affected his sperm.

With a few changes in his diet and lifestyle, doctors were able to extract viable sperm from Anthony and join it with his wife’s egg, which was then implanted back in Andrea.

The result was a healthy baby boy named Ayden, who is now four months old.

“Every child is a miracle, but these children are real miracles they wouldn’t be here if not for the doctors and technology,” said Anthony.

Dr. Wood says over the past 30 years male infertility has been steadily on the rise. Forty percent of her female clients are infertile, another 40 percent of her male patients are infertile, and the other 20 percent, both the male and female couples are having problems.

“There’s speculation that the plastic bottles and the lining of cans can leak estrogen into the environment and those estrogens could affect certain males,” said Dr. Wood.

In the Temperino’s case, changing his diet to all organic did the trick.

“The interesting thing about male infertility is there are certain toxins that affect certain men,” said Dr. Wood.

Infertility treatments can be expensive.

If not covered by insurance, procedures can cost anywhere from 16 to 25 thousand dollars, depending on the test or treatment.

IVF is responsible for 4 million births.

Comments (5)
  1. Me says:

    The couples who are responsible are usually the ones to have problems like infertility. All the trash who pop out 20 babies by 20 different fathers collecting 40 different checks seem to not have a problem.

    1. Anthony Temperino says:

      Hello…my name is Anthony Temperino and I am responding to the post above. My wife and I wanted to share our story to help others who are going through this. We want to give people hope that their miracle is around the corner. I have to agree with this statement because I have never used any drugs and almost never consumed alcohol and I was hit with this news. I guess there is a reason this has happened to us…maybe we can help just one couple through these dark days.!!!

  2. Zachary b says:

    I am in the same boat. We have been trying for 3 years and are going through this now. If you have Florida insurance, you will not be covered and expense will come out of pocket. Out of state insurance will cover it for some. It’s very frustrating especially since we learned that both of us are normal in all ranges. Thank you for sharing Anthony and good luck and congrats on your new addition.

  3. Tori M. says:

    One of the reasons male infertility is rising (and I’m saying ONE of the reasons not the main reason) is because people don’t even consider testing men for these kinds of things. There is too much responsibility put on the woman in my opinion! Stop doing things in a one-sided way and focus on the couple as a whole!

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