MIAMI (CBS4) -A South Florida business owner used a little creativity and came up with a way to advertise her company and it costs her nothing.

Kristin Pearce describes her company,, as a combination of primarily jewelry, gifts and paper. Pearce said it’s very classic, very preppy and very pink.

Pearce has owned her own business for a decade but in the last four years she’s found away to advertise her goods for free. She created a blog about travelling, entertainment and shopping and attracted followers from all over the world.

“I don’t know who’s following me in China but there are people in Australia, France and the UK,” said Pearce.

The catch here is the only advertiser on her blog is her.

“Social media’s taken over, you have to do it or you won’t survive,” said Pearce.

Pearce said she can attribute 20 to 25 percent of her sales directly to her blog.

So what’s her blog all about? Social events in South Florida primarily.

“Here’s the Enrique Iglesias party and this is about a book signing where I was a hostess,” said Pearce as she ran though posts on her blog.

So why is it called “Summer In Newport?” Well, Pearce started the blog on a trip and the name just stuck.

Pearce said another popular marketing tactic she stumbled onto was ‘giveaways’.

Giving away free stuff, writing interesting stories, whatever she’s doing, it’s working and it’s getting her company and her name and image out there.

“I had been blogging I was going to Nantucket and I walked into a store and a girl recognized me. I thought it was hilarious,” said Pearce.

In a CBS4 connection is entered in the CBS4’s ‘Most Valuable Blogger Contest‘ going on right now at


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