MIRAMAR (CBS4) – Car and home break-ins – and attempted break-ins – are a major problem throughout much of Broward County.

Robert Cotterell has the video to prove it.

On Saturday night around 10:20 pm, security cameras outside Cotterell’s Miramar home rolled. They captured five young men walking toward his house. At least two of them peered into his car and tried to open the doors. One of them then tiptoed to his front door and looked in.

At the same time, another young man tried to smash open the front window. They couldn’t get in, so the men ran away.

The banging on the window awoke Cotterell. He was worried about his two kids.

“My heart literally dropped to know that my family came that close to being in possible danger,” Cotterell told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Cotterell checked outside and didn’t notice anything unusual.

It was hours later before Cotterell checked his security cameras. He was shocked at what he saw and hopes someone in the community recognizes the men and turns them in.

“These guys just think they can come and do as they please and get away with it,” Cotterell said. “It doesn’t work like that.”

Cotterell filed a report with Miramar Police and showed them the video. He says a police officer told him there have been several break-ins recently in his community just south of Pembroke Road near North Perry Airport.

A police spokesperson told CBS4 News home and car break-ins are one of biggest problems facing the city. That is not news to Cotterell’s neighbor Paula Pace.

“It’s got to stop because somebody’s going to get hurt,” Pace said.

Cotterell agrees and this former Army sergeant says he would have no problem protecting himself and his children.

“If I had been up and alert and that had happened it probably would have been a really tragic outcome because my first instinct is to protect my kids,” Cotterell said.

Miramar Police remind people to lock your car doors and do not leave valuables in your vehicle. The same goes for your house – lock your doors and windows.

Police also say if you see someone or something suspicious in your neighborhood, police want you to call them.

  1. pk says:

    camera security systems provide false security. unless they trigger an internal alarm inside the home, to alert the occupant, notify police or set off external bells or switch on lights, they do nothing to deter these brats who will steal anything (ANYTHING) to support their way of life. the economy is a shambles, crime will increase, AMERICA is spiralling towards third world status.

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