PINECREST (CBS4) – A Village of Pinecrest police officer was involved in a car accident early Wednesday morning in pursuit of a drug suspect who fought hard, but failed in his effort to avoid capture.

According to eyewitness Jeremy Jacobson, who spoke exclusively to CBSMIAMI.COM, the suspect slammed his pick-up truck into a Pinecrest police cruiser at SW 128th Street near U.S.1 directly across the street from Evelyn Greer Park.

The pick-up truck then hit a tree.

Officers removed the suspect from the truck but he tried to vigorously fight back. As officers attempted to handcuff him, Jacobson said one officer could be heard yelling, “You could have killed me! What were you thinking driving that fast?”

pinecrest3 Pinecrest Police Taze Drug Suspect After Cruiser Crash

(Photo Credit: Jeremy Jacobson/CBS4) A drug suspect's vehicle after it crashed in Pinecrest

The suspect, who refused to surrender peacefully, was tazed several times by a female Pinecrest officer. He fell to the ground and still fought hard while four other officers finally handcuffed him, described Jacobson.

Jacobson also spotted what appeared to be a baggie of cocaine on the hood of the suspect’s pick-up truck.

Pinecrest police have yet to provide an official comment or report on the incident.


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