LAKE WORTH (CBS4) – A South Florida family is recovering from a devastating car accident which could have been much worse if it wasn’t for the heroic actions of a 14-year-old boy credited with getting everyone out of the car alive.

Brian and Jennifer Wilder, of Lake Worth, and their four sons were driving to Tennessee last week for a regional baseball tournament but they never made it. Trouble met them along I-95 in Fort Drum.

“We had a rear tire failure and lost control of the car and it flipped over ejecting out our 11-year-old son Braiden,” explained Brian Wilder.

“I remember like, flying out of the window and seeing the cars flipping,” recalled Braiden.

wilderfamily2 Lake Worth Teen Saves Family From Terrifying SUV Accident

(CBS4) Brian, Jennifer and Braiden Wilder

Mason, 14, moved quickly and rescued his two other brothers from the vehicle, made a tourniquet for his father’s arm and helped pull his mother out of the driver’s seat.

“I think I got it from both sides of my family and their survival instincts,” said Mason.

Braiden spent a week in the hospital, but everyone is at home now nursing their injuries.

Their SUV was a total loss but the family is happy they’re alive.

Jennifer Wilder says her son Mason is a hero.

“I feel like I owe him everything,” she said. “He just did what any brother would do but you can never know how much that really means to his dad and I and all of our family.”

“I learned that if you spread the good will and help other people then it’s going to return to you in the long run,” said Mason.


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