12 Year Old Girl Shot By Brother In Miami Home

MIAMI (CBS4) – A 12 year old girl was taken to the hospital after police say she was shot in the leg by her brother Thursday night.

Miami Police spokesperson Kenia Reyes says they received a 911 call at 6 p.m. from the home on the 400 block of Northwest 6th Street stating that a child had been shot.

Reyes said a 12 year old girl and her older brother were arriving home when a gun the brother was carrying accidentally went off, hitting the girl in the leg. The girl’s brother stayed on the scene until police arrived.

“We heard something like a gunshot we thought her brother punched a door or something like that — we looked and saw her on the floor,” said the victim’s friend Ashley Lenard. “She was screaming.”

Miami Fire Rescue took the girl to Jackson Memorial Hospital’s pediatric unit in stable condition.

Detectives are questioning family members in the home. So far, no arrests have been made.

“Our message to those people are if you are carrying a weapon, make sure it’s in safe mode,” said Reyes.

  • Bernard Mc Kernan

    Idiot kids playing around with guns. Guns are designed for one tihing only & that’s to kill. They don’t know the difference between so called good & bad guys. The parents of these kids should be arrested & charged with reckless endangerment.

  • mimi

    What the hell was the kid doing with a gun no arrests were mand how come why was he carrying a gun something is wrong with this story.

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