MIAMI (CBS4) – A hearing will be held this week to see if a north Miami-Dade toddler who was found wandering the streets on Saturday should be returned to his parents.

Miami-Dade police said the boy was found around 3 p.m. alone at the intersection of NW 153rd Street and NW 7th Avenue. Police canvassed the area but were unable to find his parents or anyone related to him. The boy was then turned over to the Department of Children and Families.

Later Saturday, police said the parents were located and charged with child neglect. The child was then turned over to family members who will take care of him pending the outcome of the hearing.

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  1. Randy says:

    I an surprised DCF turned the child over to family.DCF in Miami must not be like DCF in Sarasota Fl. steel your chid and not place the child with family. I have a friend that wants her nieces and her sister returned.

    American Dream is not for illegal immigrants.

    Victoria’s story is one of heartbreak, she thought the American Dream was to come here and work hard, make money to help her family and have a family of her own. Yes, both her and Jennifer are illegal; however, this does not mean that they are not human beings. Instead of the “American Dream” they have gotten the “American Nightmare”. Victoria has been bullied, DCF stole her sister and her nieces, she wants her family but they say because she is illegal she can not have them, she can not even see them. This is not true and we have asked for this law and it has not been produced. She wants her family. And Ms. Jensen, lawyer for DCF, has taken both of these children and her sister and removed them not only from their family but their culture to give them to the “American” family she feels is more appropriate, the legal, white family. These children are wanted by family. Because she is illegal and Hispanic her civil liberties are worth nothing.

    I guess this is one way to stop illegal immigration, steal their children.

    1. BJ McLaughlin says:

      Randy: by your own admission, your presence here is ILLEGAL. You have broken the law of this country by sneaking in. Illegal aliens invade our country, expect free medical care, free education, and anything else that they can steal from taxpaying CITIZENS, and then have the AUDACITY to complain about their civil liberties! Be grateful you’re not in jail. And you’re right, “American Dream is NOT for illegal immigrants”. The American Dream is for American CITIZENS, whether born here or who came here LEGALLY.

  2. yokolee says:

    Beautiful boy such a sweet face

  3. BJ McLaughlin says:

    Another case of negligent or non-existent parenting. What a surprise. You’ve got to feel bad for these kids, because unfortunately without any supervision as children, they’ll probably repeat the same pattern of abuse and neglect with their own children. Vicious circle. By the way, what makes DCF think that the family of this parent is any more qualified to care for the boy than the negligent parent. Notice I said PARENT. Just guessing here, but the odds are that it’s a single, unemployed mother, with little or no education or job skills.

    1. sellous says:

      Single parent, unemployed, little or no education is just an excuse to look the other way when it comes on to women, animals have no education yet they care for their offspring, look at a Alligator, she carries her young in her mouth with such tender care, yet you women neglect and abuse these little ones.

      Not even some animal as careless as some so called mothers, many would spend countless hours on the phone or in a beauty parlor trying to impress others instead of spending quality time with their children. Women these days, especially African American women only have interest in hair and nails. What makes it so bad is that the money they spend on so called beauty, they would not spend it on a set of Bible story or Bedtime character development books for the precious gift God has entrusted them with.

      Most of you shouldn’t even go to bed with a man much less to have a child. Talking about single parents, do you know why many are single parents?, some of you women so violent, ungrateful and unfaithful most men have to run as far as possible due to your nasty temper..

      May God bless those women who are Ladies indeed, such is very hard to find, women today want to be men on the street and in bed, WHAT A MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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