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MIAMI – (CBS4) – It has been nearly two years since a Coral Gables High School student was arrested and accused of stabbing another student to death in the crowded high school’s courtyard.

Now, a conclusion in the case may soon be reached. On Monday, Andy Rodriguez’s trial is scheduled to begin with jury selection. The trial is expected to last about two weeks.

Rodriguez, now 18, is charged with second degree murder in the 2009 death of 17-year-old Juan Carlos Rivera.

Rivera was stabbed five times; the fatal wound punctured his heart, in the crowded high school’s courtyard during a break between classes on September 15, 2009. Defense Attorney Alexander Michaels has said in court that he plans to argue that Rodriguez acted in self-defense.

Classmates have said Rodriguez was angry that Rivera had accepted rides to school from Rodriguez’s girlfriend.

In his confession, police say, Rodriguez denied having fought with Rivera because of jealousy.

He told detectives he and Rivera shoved against each other as they passed in the school yard, a scuffle ensued, and he stabbed Rivera in self defense.

He told investigators he did not even know Rivera’s name.

  1. Didine Dimanche says:

    Yeah right, one thing is for sure HIS girlfriend knew his name! Self defense my ass..He let testosterone and jealousy eat away at him and thought to show this guy who is the punk stabs him NOT ONCE but 5x’s! Please spare us tax payers time and OUR money for a senseless trial…YOU COMMIT AN ADULT CRIME DO THE ADULT TIME!!!

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