Miami-Dade College Faces Accreditation Battle

MIAMI ( – Miami-Dade College has become the largest public college in the country, but the school could be in trouble. The college has been warned it could have its accreditation pulled if the school doesn’t fix a problem of overcrowding and under-staffing.

The warning sent by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools says in part the college has failed to “provide evidence that it has an adequate number of full-time faculty to support the mission of the institution.”

Since the recession hit, enrollment at Miami-Dade has grown over 50%. Students say they have seen their class sizes grow significantly.

“Some students need that one on one feeling with the teacher and with so many students in one class you can’t get that feeling,” MDC freshman Vicky Pierre told CBS4’s David Sutta.

The college has responded to the surge with hiring more part time professors, but not all students support that plan.

“I think when you have a lot of adjuncts and part-time professors they have other jobs and other things and this is more of a supplement,” student Lauren Pacho said.

Miami-Dade Provost Rolando Montoya said the part-time faculty brings real world experience to the classroom, and carry the same advanced degrees.

“The courses that are taught by part-time faculty members are of equivalent quality because the part time faculty is as good as the full-time faculty,” Montoya said.

Montoya said they have enough staff on hand and that the warning came as a surprise to the school.

“We definitely believe that the warning was unjustified,” Montoya said.

Senator Oscar Braynon believes the warning is not for Miami-Dade, but for legislators.

As the legislature cuts funds for schools, Miami-Dade has to make painful cuts to survive. But with the state battling unemployment issues, student enrollment is skyrocketing at colleges and universities.

So Miami-Dade is faced with having to hire more teachers to stay accredited, with less money and larger classes. Which means unless the public is willing to pay a little more taxes, the legislature will continue to gut school budgets and run the risk of having schools’ accreditation being stripped.

“The warning is to us,” Senator Brannon said. “Miami-Dade has cut and cut and cut. And they have gotten to this point.”

Senator Braynon believes years of legislative cuts have taken its toll. He warned Miami-Dade College may be the first of many.

“I believe it’s going to trickle down because we are cutting across the board,” Brynon said.

Miami-Dade has until December to respond to the warnings. If they do not it could be put on probation or in a worst-case scenario have their accreditation yanked. They believe though they will have the warning reversed before then.

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  • pancha

    Pink slip Rick Scott!

  • MrsMorales

    Agreed. He isn’t doing a damn thing for this state.

  • ScottWillSaveUs

    Cut the enrollment then to match the teacher to student ratio. Keep cutting Rick. These are a bunch of TAX SUCKING jobs. We need more Private Jobs.

    • Educator

      Good idea! Cut enrollments so there are fewer qualified people to work at whatever private jobs Gov. Scott still hasn’t delivered on.

  • no more sponges

    here is a crazy idea.. raise tution not taxes! I ain’t your rich uncle ! pay your way threw college, besides 95% of “students” at miami dade are wasting their time and tax payor $$$$

  • Rodrigo

    I hate MIami-Dade. I was a student there till I received my AA and was promptly hired after as a tutor in the Speech Department. I was paid as a student-tutor, not as a tutor with a degree, and my promised pay increase after six months and after a year was never given to me. I was underpaid throughout my entire tenure that I was staffed at the college. The argument was that their was no money. Every day that I was there they were firing people, meanwhile the professors weren’t teaching their students, leaving us tutors to teach them what they were supposed to learn in class. And we didn’t have enough tutors either. We went from six tutors from the time I began working to having two just when I left. Let this be known! Take away their accreditation. Investigate their paper work and their payroll. They’ve got the money. The board is just banking off of everything. It’s a VERY corrupt system.

  • kayakvictoria

    I 100% agree, the corruption in this institution is amazing. Faculty is hired based on friends of the friends instead of evaluating skills and certifications. For that reason they have to hire tutors at cheap rates to make the job of the people that really make good money.
    In addition bourocracy is too high, there are departments where are more administrators than teachers, incredible!!!.
    One of the most corrupted schools is the School of Community Education.

  • raul-angel-bello

    The MDC is managed by corrupted cuban administration, if you don’t like it move to another state.

  • Sharon

    I can not believe that…

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