HOMESTEAD (CBS4) -The driver of the van connected to the Homestead daycare center where a 1 year old boy died admitted to police that he found the child dead, sources told CBS4.

The driver of the van reportedly told police that he normally checks the van every day to make sure all of the children are out of it, but on Tuesday he might have missed the boy, CBS4′s Jim DeFede said.

When they heard that, family members said they still don’t know what to believe.

“That baby was left on that van,” said the baby’s great-aunt, Penny Mims. “Vans can get very hot very quickly and if he came back and the child was passed out or whatever, he should’ve called 911 immediately.”

Some family members were angry because they think the child was in the daycare earlier Tuesday.

“The uncle of that baby saw that baby that morning eating cereal in the cafeteria,” said the child’s great-grandmother, Christine Prescott. “So we know that the baby was in that daycare he was not in that van.”

Miami-Dade police have not confirmed with CBS4 that the child died in the van. Homicide investigators are looking into the death of the child, who relatives have identified as Dominicue Andrews.

The boy was found shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday by paramedics responding to a call of a child in distress at the Jomiba Learning Center, 1005 N. Krome Ave., according to Miami-Dade police. His body was found outside the center’s building near a van.

CBS4’s Peter D’ Oench said a police source at the scene told him that the toddler was originally left in the van by mistake, died in the van and then removed from the van before police reported to the scene.

Images from Chopper 4 show a daycare van wrapped in yellow crime scene tape, though it is not confirmed at this point where or how the death occurred.

“There are questions about a van parked behind the facility that may be involved in this case and certainly that van is a component of this crime scene,” said Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland. “So we will be looking at that van along with this entire property and everyone who was here at the time.

But a witness, Eli Lobo, said he saw the boy tucked away in a corner of the daycare center near the van by a cinder block. Lobo said he came to the location where the boy was discovered after he heard a worker near the transportation van screaming.

“I took a quick look at him and I had to look away,” Lobo said.

Traci Morman, cousin of the toddler’s 16-year-old mother, said the daycare called the boy’s mother and originally told her they couldn’t find her son.

“She thought her child was missing and I rushed her over here to find out what was wrong with her child and then we find out he’s dead,” said Morman.

The boy’s grandmother, grandmother Atila Bryant, was overcome with grief.

“He was a good baby,” Bryant said. “He was gorgeous. He was so good. He loved women.”

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  1. abootnkiki says:

    the main question is why did this girl get pregnant when she was 14,where was grandma then?

    1. KIKI143 says:


    2. Tamie025 says:

      I am personally offend.This is my family that your talking about.The main issue isnt why she got pregnant so young or where the parents whereabout where when the child was in the daycares supervison,This couldve happen to anyone.Your so VERY IGNORANT for that statement.The main focus is this child lost his life under someone that sopose to care for him supervison.I wish that you would respect my family and my cousin death and you can kick rock with no sock and while your at it pull your lip over your head and swallow

  2. skyywilson says:

    that is beside the point no child deserves to be killed it does matter if his mother was 8 years old…smh

  3. abootnkiki says:

    sure it matters,where was the mother when the child died;and the father?were they working?or just hanging out;maybe if they were watching their own child this would not have happened.

  4. abootnkiki says:

    free daycare because government pays for it;theses are the results;i would never put my kids in a daycare in homestead;did the parents do any kind of background checks on the employees;sure it matters;the older u r the more responsible decisions u make of who watches your child or if anyone should be watching your child if u r home doing nothing during the day;then u should be watching your own child;school is out for the summer and she is 16 so unless she was working then the death is on her too

    1. Bsw says:

      Why are you guys questioning the mothers age, she did leave her child in the carr of who she thought was responsible, people really know how blow things out of proportion and take bad things for a joke. Even if she went hanging out she still left him in a license daycare. Come 14, 12 or 13 a mother is a mother and she is in grief. Omg the nerve of people.

    2. amber says:

      This 16 yr old mother just lost her baby, have a little compassion. She couldn’t possibly have known what was going to happen that day. People are always walking around like things like this could never happen to them, but I’m sorry, truth is death/tragedy is always around the corner. no one persons life is perfect and protected, u never know, kids are always coming up missing from their own beds. U know what they say about people who live in glass houses? They shouldn’t throw rocks!

  5. abootnkiki says:

    and if u let your child have a child at 8 yrs of age cause u think it doesnt matter then u should be put in that daycare to be taken care of like that baby ended up

  6. Juanita says:

    that’s why you DONT put your child in a daycare that has transportation! You take your child to school and you pick them up and if you can’t for some reason then get a family member to do it!!! They are obviously not following DCF guidelines @ this daycare!!

  7. takiyah adams says:

    I’m smh t some of these comments on here. We need to be adults about this situation. No matter how old these parents were, its not their fault that this boy is dead. When you place your kids in a facility that is supposedly approved by the state, then its the states fault as well as that facility. When they placed that child in the daycare, the daycare could have met all the requirements it was suppose to meet. What does the free transportation have to do with this matter. Some of you are just talking just to talk. If that was your child, would you be saying the same thing? Bottom line is this is a sad situation and lets point the fingers where the really need to be pointed at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. CV says:

    What does age have anything to do with the fact that this young lady lost her child. Stop being insensitive. Many people send their children to daycare facilities for whatever reason. If she was 15 or 31 her child is dead. She will not be the first or last teenage mother. The comments that need to be made are those that address the issues. What really happened to this child and who will be held accountable for his death. It is the responsibility of the facility to do background checks not the parents. I pray that they find out what happened to this little boy.

  9. bonnie says:

    Let’s stop critizing and pray for this family Matthew 18:14 Say Even si it not the will of our father which is in heaven that one of these little on perish. Remember to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. Lord strength them.

  10. RFrometa says:

    As a Pre-school Director I’m devasted, my prayers to the family. I can already see this day care is not up to code. Why are there shutters on the windows (fire hazard). all the debris is also unacceptable. Child Care Licensing need to reinspect. I think someone made a big mistake and should be liable for the death of this child.

  11. Cathy Glover says:

    I”m trying to remember the name of the state representative that told CBS4 that her bill to get all daycare centers to install a safety device in their vans (About $150.00 per van), was blocked because the Republican led state legislature has decided that any bill proposed by a Democrat should not be passed. Yes the state is to blame for this. This and the several other deaths by accident/negligence could have been prevented.

    If I had a child in a daycare, and they decided to share the cost of those devices amongst the parents, I would not mind pitching in to make sure my child was safe.

  12. Samantha says:

    A lot of people talkin about a 16yrs old have a baby but ask ur self this how old u was when u first had sex just because u did not have a baby dont mean anything n half of u might not b married n u havein sex so leave her alone girls been havein babies at a young age for a long time they married they children off when they was 13 of age n other country so get off her back n RIP to the lil man who lost his life cause I have a heart unlike a lot of people who sayin bad things about that girl n u dont no her to say nothing bad about n if u do no her that does not make it rite

  13. Marlene Fernandez says:

    My condolences to the family, this is a very tragic thing, but it is also something that could have been preventable. A child this small should not have been put into a van transportation to begin with, I am a mom of 4, and would have walked if I had to. It also baffles me how he was “left behind” when a child this age should have been in a car seat to begin with, which is not to hard to miss if he was “left behind”, but obviously this day care does not take the proper precautionary measures to ensure the children at their facility are safe. Heart breaking, he was a very beautiful boy



    1. K Hill says:

      Has the investigation been completed yet? It’s very sad what happened to this little boy. Sorry for your loss.

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