Lawyer Fears For Casey Anthony’s Safety

MIAMI ( – With Casey Anthony just under a week away from freedom, one of her lawyers believes she may be in danger once she’s released.

Cheney Mason said Monday he doesn’t know where Casey will go when she’s freed on Sunday. Anthony’s relationship with her parents is pretty much burned, according to Mason, after the defense claimed she was sexually abused by her father.

Anthony was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter last week. She was convicted of four counts of lying to law enforcement and sentenced to four-years in jail. But, after good behavior and serving 3 years, she’s set to be released.

According to jail records obtained by the Associated Press, Casey Anthony refused a visit last Friday from her mother Cindy.

  • Maryah

    Lawyers are more concerned about her than she was about her own daughter for over 30 days.

  • Penny

    Casey’s father should sue her for slander –

  • firefox

    Cheney-Mason? The bird-shooting dumb redneck defending a child-murderer?

    Who cares what you think, Cheney?!


  • Chucky

    That’s a pretty cheap shot, M’.

    Getting back to the article; having to work in Dade County everyday, I’m more concerned with my own safety.

    If I were Miss Anthony, I’d maximize my financial benefit out of this, she should never have to work another day in her life, and live a wonderful life in France, Spain, or Polynesia.

    I only choose those because I surf; anyplace out of the U.S. would be good for here purposes.

  • chuck

    Who cares about Caseys life ..She took the life of a beautiful little girl Caylee, who did not deserve that..Casey should rot in hell……….

  • chazzie

    Why is she afraid for her safety Mr. Flipper and Mr. Bozo?…………….After all, she hasn’t done anything wrong, has she??? “Here Kitty, Kitty”!


    He and his wife can take her in and share her as a sex slave.

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