TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CBSMiami.com) – One day after the Casey Anthony verdict came down, the emotions are still raw for people across the country and South Florida. The end to the 47-day long trial left some in tears, others angry, and even more confused on why they even cared.

Miamian Keela Awoska said the news of the guilty verdict brought her to tears even though she didn’t know Casey Anthony.

“I was crying cause I couldn’t believe how I don’t think they listened,” she said. “They weren’t paying attention and I feel sorry for the baby.”

Awoska said even though Caylee was not her child; she can’t help but mourn for her.

“I have my own kids and just imagine them doing something to harm them,” said Awoska. “I couldn’t handle that so, that’s why I was so emotional about the situation.”

Its emotion that translated to dozens of comments on CBSMiami.com that flooded the page after the verdict was rendered.

TT wrote: “What a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Bklyn Mom wrote: “This is the most pathetic verdict! Are these jurors total morons? She is guilty as sin! OJ got his in the end and so will Casey. You can count on it!”

Elisa Tharp wrote: “People respond in their own ways. It’s just sad that the little girl didn’t receive justice today. Her mother got away with the perfect crime. Tomorrow is another day for all of us, not for Caylee though.”

They are reactions from total strangers, yet not surprising to Dr. Eugenio Rothe, a psychiatry professor at FIU.

“People have the belief that their life view is the right one and when their life view or moral code is challenged, it brings about strong emotions and indignation,” said Dr. Rothe.

He also said emotions regarding cases that involve children are typically very strong.

“There is a natural instinct in human beings to protect infants; it’s also present in animals,” Rothe said. “So when there’s an implication that an adult is damaging a child, it creates very visceral emotions in people because it’s part of our making.”

Comments (4)
  1. Money says:

    Stop celebrating so much !! A two year old girl died here . Have some decency !! Even by there own admissions , Casey had something to do with the death, accidental or not she’s responsible .

  2. Ralphgmiami says:

    Can’t anyone admit that they don’t know whether or not she killed her daughter? The only thing we’re sure off is that Casey Anthony was a self centered mother who cared very little for her child. Seeing a few photos of Casey Anthony she may have used alcohol as an escape to dull the pain from losing her child. You and I can’t even say she’s an alcoholic as that’s just a few photos. This doesn’t make her a killer, just an irresponsible mom. Only God know for sure what really happened. I thought it was really sleazy of a porn company to offer her money to star in their movies. I wouldn’t be surprised if the nude magazines also offer her money as they also don’t have any morals. Shame to the person who judges her guilty and also later buys the trash. People probably will as the public is becoming stalker like with the reality TV shows. Oh don’t be shocked if she’s even offered a book deal or a reality show TV series.

  3. Cathy says:

    So terribly sad for the little life lost. God loaned them to us to cherish. I watched the trial and given the evidence offered by the prosecution the jury did NOT have what they needed to convict Casey. That is all there is to it legally. Morally someone did something to the lovely child. Don’t be hard on the jury they were doing their job according to the guidelines of the law. There really was reasonable doubt as to murder.

  4. Luca says:

    Dumbest verdinct in the world after OJ Simpson`s verdict. The little girl death was celebrated with champagne. What a shame

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