MIAMI (CBS4)- A number of migrants are being processed at the Port of Miami, but it’s not your typical group of migrants.

U.S.  Customs and Border Patrol agents said approximately 10 to 12 Chinese nationals are at the Miami port. All of the migrants were adults and only speak Mandarin, CBS4’s Tiffani Helberg reported.

Officials said a coast guard boat discovered the group at approximately 7:30 a.m. Tuesday about six miles east of the Haulover Inlet.

Customs and Border Patrol agents are investigating to find out how did the migrants get to Miami from China, where were they headed and why.

Chief Migdalia Travis with U.S. Customs said migrants risk their lives coming in illegally.

“Don’t go out to sea and try to make it to the United States in an illegal manner because you’re risking your life when you do that,” she said. “That’s the message that we really want to make clear to the whole public.”

As a precaution, some of the migrants were sent to the hospital to make sure they were in OK condition, Helberg reported.

Officials did not comment about the condition of the vessel or boat the migrants were discovered on.

Comments (6)
  1. observerfromupnorth says:

    Deport Deport Deport, they should be turned around and sent back where they came from. End of story.

  2. Chucky says:

    Wow…paddling in from China?! And not even to the west coast, but all the way around (or through the canal zone) and up-and-over to the east coast!

    Now, that’s one hell-uv’-an effort!

    The science on this one ought to be interesting.

  3. Bruce Hayden says:

    They were just an advance party come to check out China’s new lieberstraum.

  4. lasereye says:

    Sounds fishy to me and very hard to believe. This will be one of those MSM stories where we will never find the real answer of how they got here. Get ready – the unresolved story is about to disappear!

  5. TRUTH TALK says:

    Maybe they were migrating to North Miami Beach. The morons that put the North Miami Beach newsletter rag stated. Some call this city ” Little Chinatown ” If they may self proclaim it themselves. Or to take on the Morons that said that. In a last stage effort to try and come up with a way to promote the city. Which has been pilfered and run by crooks for years that pose as public servants which live both in and out of the city which claims to be “Now More Beautiful” ! More Beautiful than what ? While the citizens sit back and watch. Some using their 3 minute talk time at council meetings to whine to deaf ears. And calling consultants , auditors and such that laugh all the way to the bank. Maybe they were thinking we can own that place easily. This isn’t North Miami Beach! Where is it ? Way over there ! We thought it was on the BEACH ! What a wasted trip!

  6. Danno says:

    Just don’t get it…
    If the United States is a has been country and China the new land of milk and honey according to the mantra we are forced fed by even our own business leaders and politicians, why are they coming over here?
    I think an earlier commenter has the right answer: they are an advance party inspecting their “lieberstraum.”

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