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MIAMI (CBS4)- During this Independence Day the beach and the BBQ are on the back burner for some South Floridians. Instead, many are “glued” to their television watching the Casey Anthony trail.

“I made them change the TV just so I could watch the trial,” said Kimberly Seaburg of Miami.

Seaburg said she spent the morning at the bar enjoying breakfast at the Front Porch Café.

The Casey Anthony trial has captured the attention of so many in Florida and across the nation. Now the countdown is on for the jury to deliver a verdict

“I have it set on my DVR and my phone so I can watch the news as soon as the verdict comes out,” said Seaburg.

As the prosecution delivered their closing arguments, CBS 4 News found patrons all over South Beach forgoing Fourth of July for the trial.

“It has caught on because it’s really drama,” said Jeff Weiner who is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Miami.  “Even much more so than TV tries to recreate in court.”

Wiener said the Anthony trial is the most watched case since the OJ Simpson trial because people connect with the story.

“The death of a child is something everyone around the world relates to,” said Weiner.

For three years Miami resident Stephan Moore has been watching this tragic story unfold.

On this Fourth of July there’s no other place he said he would rather be than watching the final moments in the courtroom.

“I’ve been watching all morning,” said Moore.  “But it’s gone to deliberations now so I can go ahead and go to the beach.”

Jurors began deliberating this afternoon and now Florida and the nation waits to learn the fate of accused killer Casey Anthony.

By the end of the day, jurors did not reach a verdict Monday in the Casey Anthony murder trial after deliberating for almost six hours on the prosecution’s claim that the woman killed her 2-year-old daughter because the toddler interrupted her carefree partying and love life.

  1. estrella says:

    Yes, I’m glued to the TV myself. I stayed home all day watching the trial. I’ll be on alert tomorrow again in case a verdict is rendered.

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