MIAMI (CBS4) – Drivers on LeJeune Road in Miami Tuesday night had quite a roadblock in front of them as a Boeing 737 was moved from Miami International Airport to its new home at the George T. Baker Aviation School.

Getting the passenger plane from point A to point B was no easy feat. To move it, engineers had to use a 300-ton crane to pick up the plane, lift it over State Road 112 and place it on LeJuene Road. From there an aircraft tug pulled the 737 to its resting spot on the south side of Baker Aviation.

“You know, this is what we’re coming to school for; so to get the experience of working on the planes in school is great for us and it’s what we’re going to be doing,” said Baker Aviation student Lyle Kirkland.

By Wednesday morning, students were already hard at work putting the hydraulic systems back on the plane after they were removed for the big move.

“Obviously there’s a lot of work we can do on this,” said student Joshua Jais, “more than some of the other airplanes that are here.”

And all of that work will give the students a leg up on their competition as they work on restoring and repairing the aircraft.

“For students to have the real, actual aircraft to work on; what they will be using in the industry, is the best type of teaching toll available,” said Baker Principal Sean Gallagan.

This is the second aircraft donated to the school within the last 13 months. In May, 2010, American Airlines donated a MD-80.


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