Miami Woman Can’t Afford Her Car Being Stolen

MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami woman says she can’t afford to get her car back after it was stolen twice.

Valarie Kemp relied on her 1995 Ford Escort to get to work.  It was first stolen on Memorial Day weekend.   Police found the car, and Kemp paid to get it out of the impound lot, but she says a few days later, someone stole the car again.

Now she doesn’t have the money to get the car out, and every day storing the car costs an additional $20.

“If I’m going through this, how many other people have gone through this and they’re frustrated just hitting one wall after another,” Kemp said.

Miami Police say it is standard procedure for victims of car theft to pay towing and storage charges.  They suggest getting your car out of the impound lot as quickly as possible to prevent additional storage charges.

But Kemp says she simply doesn’t have the money.

“I’m the victim, it shouldn’t have to be that way, but it is,” she said.

The owner of King’s Wrecker Service, where Valarie’s car is being held, said he’s simply doing his job.

Frank Garcia told CBS4’s Maggie Newland he has to pay fees and employees.

“I gotta charge because I have to pay the city of Miami.”

After we explained Kemp’s situation, he said he would try to help her out if he could.

“I’m sure we can agree to something,” he said, but added he can’t give everyone a break, because then he loses money.


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