OAKLAND PARK (CBS4) – The Department of Defense announced Monday that a South Florida marine has died in Afghanistan while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom.

Sgt. Marlon E. Myrie, 25, died on June 25 while conducting combat operations in Helmand province.

Sgt. Myrie was assigned to the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, in Camp Lejeune, NC.

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  1. CutiePatootie says:

    Such a crime to have a young man’s life ripped from him at such a young age. All I can say is Obama, you should hang your head in shame for breaking promises to those who trusted you.

  2. mark says:

    the president obviously has more information that we do as to why he thinks we need to be there, I on the other hand want all our boys home now, and that is my biggest dissappoint with the president he has not trusted the american people to tell us the truth and help us to understand the risk and benefits of this protracted war or any other think for that matter like why all this closed door negotiations why not in public and lets us partiicipate in the process then we know who is acting in the ppeople’s interest

  3. CrabbyJackie says:

    Mark, don’t be a dunce. You clearly never served otherwise you would know that bringing home the troops before their mission is complete is an insult to the troops and shame them. And as far as Obama having more information, if it’s not written on a Teleprompter he wouldn’t know what to think. Both Patreus and Gates said that this is not a good idea but he’s running for re-election. As a matter of fact he never stopped campaigning.

  4. joe b says:


  5. laverne says:

    I voted so my son in law Marlon and other could come home and be with their family Marlon is very miss

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