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MIAMI (CBS4)- After the New York Legislature passed a same-sex marriage bill many celebrated in New York and other states, including Florida.

The Republican-controlled state senate voted 33-29 Friday night to pass the bill. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the controversial Marriage Equality Act into law.

The Democratic governor signed the measure shortly before midnight, following up on a promise to put his name on the legislation as soon as he received it rather than wait the usual 10 days to sign it for it to become law. Cuomo’s signature means same-sex weddings could begin within 30 days.

Supporters of same-sex marriage hope this historic decision in New York will build momentum for their cause. Activists hope the vote will convince judges and politicians across the country to support marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage is banned in Florida. South Floridians voiced their opinion Saturday of a similar law being passed nationwide.

South Floridian Steven Marlon said he was happy and said he’s looking to get married. He proposed to his boyfriend about a year ago.

“I’m getting married to my long time boyfriend,” he said. “I’m saving my money right now and then my long time boyfriend Preston and I are planning to go to New York. We’ll see. Hopefully we will tie the knot.”

Marlon said he’s disappointed that Florida has not passed a law to make same-sex marriage legal.

Equality Florida issued a statement after the legislation was passed.

“Our goal in Florida is the same as our friends in NY, and this victory is a turning point that brings us much closer to full marriage equality for all of our families,” the statement read.

“Here in Miami you’re, like, pretty much capital of gay,” Marlon said. “There are so many of us here in Florida…and Fort Lauderdale, but you know saying that Florida is one of the states that’s not allowing it.”

Resident Jay Younger supports same-sex marriage and said Floridians should push for a same-sex marriage approval law.

“There’s a lot of inconsideration…a lot of politics and what not but with that being said I think we just have to be a community and push together and get it passed.”

But not everyone agrees. A New York resident visiting Miami told CBS4’s Silva Harapetian that he’s against the newly passed law.

“I’m concerned about the kids…that they don’t have the capacity to process in their brain when they are going to see two men or two girls together,” he said. “That’s what hurts me.”

New York, the nation’s third-most populous state, joined Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C., in allowing same-sex couples to wed.

Are you glad the bill passed? Sound off in our comments section.


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Comments (51)
  1. mike dardiz says:

    I have a hard enough time living my own life why would I tell other people what to do in their own lives, it`s those who are always crying about big brother who are trying to tell people what to do with their lives, just close your drapes at night and stop worrying about what people are doing.

    1. Steve Westman says:

      Amen–such a sensible comment!

    2. GIGI says:


  2. yokolee says:

    Sodom and Gomorrah, nuff said

  3. NoGayMarriageinFL says:

    Put them all in an island to see how long they last, no more than one generation, thats it. This is sick and it shows you it is all about political votes.

    1. Allen Bamford says:

      You do realize that if a gay man and a gay woman have sex … they can in fact have a baby right?!

  4. CD says:

    Learn how to spell MIAMI….. First line in the column….

    You must have been educated in FL!

    1. Edward Cabrera says:

      I don’t think that all South Floridians voiced their opinions.The way the article reads it sounds like it’s across the board .Only way to really find out how people here think and I’m talking majority do is by a vote.
      What I am finding is that the same people who scream for tolerance for their life style are intolerant to what God has commanded.

  5. ASB says:

    Inalienable Rights Finally Legislatively Recognized.

  6. Jenn says:

    Listen Ed,

    If you are a true follower of Jesus you are not following him very well. He accepted those that the community deemed unworthy. He also chastised the community for being cruel to the unwanted.

    Bottom line: We have a very clear separation of church and state. You do not have to like gay people, you do not have to accept gay people.

    You DO have to accept that ALL PEOPLE in this country are entitled to basic and fundamental rights. This includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people. The Supreme Court made this clear when they declared marriage to be a fundamental right.

    By approaching the gay community this way not only are you breaking man’s law, you are also breaking God’s law. He is the one that does the judging … you should stay the heck out of it and let people live their GOD GIVEN lives the way they see fit.

  7. Mick Khumalo says:

    That right there is why this country is on the ropes.

  8. Mick Khumalo says:

    the good thing about gay marriage is that they won’t be having any gay children. Will the next generation be gay? Oh yea there won’t be a next generation. Why do you suppose they need to be married? It must be fashionable to be married. So now the marriage rate will increase in NY and people who live on other states won’t know they are homos. Sort of defeats the purpose of all that activism. how ironic! How unnatural. These people really are confused.

    1. Sensible says:

      Then based on your “logic”, how did the current population of homosexuals, and those from generations past, come about genius? When I moved to Florida, I knew I was moving to the South. You’ve really reminded me of that fact Mick.

    2. Sensible says:

      Then, based on your “logic”, how do you explain the existence of the current homosexual population and those of the past genius?

  9. Steven says:

    Whose God, Ed? Yours? Allah, the Muslim deity? Buddhist? What about the Native American cultures? The ancient Roman and Greek gods? And let’s not forget the atheist, who has no god. You have interpreted your God to fit your needs, or the needs of those who came before you and who taught you your dogma. Don’t talk about your Christian God and your Bible, because if you followed ALL those words, chapter and verse, we would have a very different and scary world to live in… stone your daughter for disobeying, marry your deceased brother’s wife… the punishment for working on the Sabbath, and God forbid that you wear clothing made from two different types of thread!! So many edicts you choose to ignore, because they just don’t make sense any more. Love is love and God is love and Love WILL win out, over all the right wing, insecure, latent jerks who want to dictate THEIR morals on the rest of the world, while getting “massages” from rentboys or tapping their toes in airport bathrooms after they’ve preached the Sunday sermon. Get a grip, man, this is the 21st century. “Love one another” and get over it. And to the guy from New York who thinks it’s going to injure the kids — there are a LOT worse things than seeing two men or two women holding hands and/or kissing. Children will come to understand and decide for themselves, with or without parental propaganda. Studies have shown that children raised by loving gay or lesbian couples are on the average better adjusted than their counterparts who have been raised in heterosexual households. Thank God (yours, mine or anyone else’s) for clearer heads in Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, DC, and now New York, as well as SPAIN, NETHERLANDS, BELGIUM, CANADA, SOUTH AFRICA, NORWAY, PORTUGAL, ARGENTINA, ICELAND and SWEDEN. Live and let live, love and let love, but MOST importantly, STAY THE HELL out of my bedroom!

  10. chaszo says:

    Florida did vote and the gays lost “definition of Marriage is between one Man and one Woman.” When are Americans going to wake up? If there state passes a bill like this and the people don’t like it then move to a state that doesn’t have it and watch and see how quickly the Politicians in that state don’t get there act together.
    Give the tax dollars to those who are really representing the majority instead of the minority…

  11. xoxoxoxo says:

    this country is doomed…..will see a 100 years from now what the next 2 generations have to say about growing up in a household with 2 daddy’s or 2 mommy’s….wow….there should be a law that bans gay couples from adopting….period

    1. avatar2475 says:

      And of course having children adopted into male/female only households is the only safe way to go, right? I’m sure the Barahona’s would love to adopt more children…I’m sure kids are much safer there than in 2 male or 2 female households.

    2. SMDrPepper says:

      As a comedian once said , yeah lets ban the gays from adopting since the straights are doing such a wonderful job. Lets make sure these kids do not go to a loving home because the spaghetti monster said so. Since the straights were SUCH good parents, the kids ended up needing to be adopted anyway.
      Man you are deluded.

      1. Chucky says:

        …spahgetti monster?

        I like that.

  12. Bruce says:

    I find it said that we keep changing the bar as far as what marriage is. I find it wrong morally, wrong economically, and I question when will a standard be set. Originally when this movement began in New York when I was young it was all about just letting Gays live there life in peace. Each time they get something they want more. Next they want will want their sposes social security if something happens to them. I wish these people would grow up and stop acting like such jerks. You cant even discuss things with them. Liberal thinking is killing this country. You may wear a wedding ring and get married but for you there is no cure for stupid!

    1. Allen Bamford says:

      Yeah just like those damn “Blacks” You know we made them stop being slave… then they wanted to own land and not be killed and stuff…

      Everyone should just be happy with what the Old White establishment is willing to give them!!

    2. KristyR says:

      Sad to see this comment. Of course they keep demanding more. The thought alone of being treated like second class citizens is appalling. This is a decision based on the law, not morality or religion. It is fine to actually not be in accodance with gay marriage because of moral reasons, but when you want the law/state, to take rights away from a person because of it, THERE is the immorality. Why should you be better under the law when a decision is being based on religious beliefs!! I hope you never have to go through seeing a son/daughter of yours not being able to live their lives with the same rights and liberties as you do. The real cure for stupid would actually be realizing the law and religious beliefs are two VERY different things in a human being’s live.

    3. Allen Bamford says:

      “I find it said(Sure you meant SAD) that we keep changing the bar as far as what marriage is”

      Yeah like when Interracial marriages were allowed and when women were no long the property of the husband. Ah the good old days…

    4. Steven says:

      Gotta say, Bruce, your last statement summed it up. ” You may wear a wedding ring,” dude, “but for you there is no cure for stupid!”

  13. LovUSA says:

    Feel sorry,for this young generation,more & more confused(don’t know?? wrong or right)..Now,going to be WORSE..God Help,Us!!

  14. kiwi says:

    Yeah, I mean kids with divorced and remarried parents should totally have to choose. Everyone knows the RIGHT and ONLY WAY to raise a kid is a mom and a dad.

    Especially if they are given to two parents of the same gender. I mean, lord knows what they’ll do to those kids! Take them on play dates! Shower them with love! How scandalous!

    Every other form of parenting except for one mother and one father should be thrown out the window. /sarcasm

    1. KristyR says:

      Right on!!!! Very good point!

  15. paintitblu says:

    i think all americans ought to get what all Other american get, Good And Bad…i know divorce attorneys are salivating at the thought….seriously, though…i know a couple of kids who are happy that their adoptive parents are, now, happier, too….america might even grow up enough, mentally, to withstand the attack on it by the republican party, the way this looks…and that’s a Good Thing.

    1. Martin Fee says:

      Please tell me one other species that engages in homosexual behavior? Only man is twisted enough to not only defy nature but to play with nature. All you so called liberals claim to be Darwinists but Darwin HATED homosexuals According to him they are meant for death because they can not continue the species.
      America hopefully will survive the attack on it by liberals and thanks to Obama and company Americans have woken up to the nightmare that is liberalism. Your whole ideology is flawed because it’s based on FAIRNESS. There is no such thing as FAIR. People are different, they have different , drives and ambitions. But under liberalism people who work hard and make something should have it taken away and given to those who did not work hard THAT TO YOU PEOPLE IS FAIR??
      I am not religious. I teach my kids one thing about homosexuality IT IS AGAINST NATURE, It is an un natural act that would end the human race if everyone subscribed to it. Now tell me paint what part of that is untrue? what part of that should NOT be taught in schools?

      1. Bob says:

        Chimpanzees and bottle nosed dolphins. Look it up they have sex with the same gender for fun or for food. And wait those are the two smartest animals behind the bipedal human go figure.

      2. Mike says:

        If you Google “homosexuality in nature” you will find over 1500 species exhibit homosexual behavior. Of course they don’t talk about it over at Fox News.

      3. Allen Bamford says:

        Black swans
        Amazon Dolphin
        American Bison
        Bonobo and other apes
        Bottlenose dolphins
        Japanese macaque
        Spotted Hyena
        Whiptailed Lizard
        Fruit flies

        Sorry I know it’s more than one…

  16. Martin Fee says:

    I believe in Science and the Natural world. Homosexuality is against nature. The whole purpose of sex in nature is to reproduce and continue the species. Homos can not do this (thankfully)
    No matter how much people try to justify it, homosexuality and heterosexuality are worlds apart. One is NATURAL the other is degenerate behavior that would lead to death in the Natural world.

    1. SMDrPepper says:

      Actually homosexuality is found throughout nature. Most notably among our closest relatives, the apes. But also in other life forms as well. And roughly in the percentages of gays in our species. Just because a certain segment prefer the homosexual lifestyle does not mean the death of the species. There is even a school of thought that it may be a way of nature controlling the numbers of creatures.
      Relax, this is all natural.

    2. Allen Bamford says:

      And yet so many species in the natural world have homosexual practices. Regardless of that…. Homosexuals CAN reproduce. They just a much smaller chance of an “Ooops I was going pull out but the phone rang ind it startled me!”

  17. Mr. Concerned says:

    Absolutely disgraceful, this country is all about family values and this totally disregards the effect it will have on children.
    In the marriage vows how do they address “do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband”
    This is all political to gain votes from a certain segment, no other reason

    1. lewis says:

      “America is all about family values” , are you kidding me?? In which country do you live??? You need to check the statistics of how many people are getting divorce and how many kids don’t even have a father or a mother and most are abandoned . Because of a broken society these gay issues are becoming reality, and that is truth as someone in this room wrote, you cannot argue with any gay about the issue, I do believe they have good arguments to defend themselves.When you don’t have arguments and facts to back you up you become defensive and ignorant. We need to fix society in america, stop thinking what is bad is good and what is good is bad .

  18. “I’m concerned about the kids…that they don’t have the capacity to process in their brain when they are going to see two men or two girls together,” he said. “That’s what hurts me.”
    Really?…Wonder how is was about 100 yeras ago. Was anyone concerned about the kids when Floriduh had segregation ,slavery and discrimination of jews?
    Guess what, your children DO have the process when they see two men or girls together. It’s your brain that doesn’t have that capacity except for hate!

  19. Nosy says:

    Conservatives need to be careful over this issue. Gay Rights is really a bellweather regarding freedom. If Gays are free then likely the rest of us are free as well. Recently a right wing poll said that the blue states were freer than the red states with New York being one of the Red, “less free” states. The criteria were, of course, mostly right wing values but freedom for gays made the state in question “freer.” Hence, conservatives must now consider New York to be freer and the states banning gay marriage as less free than before the new law in New York. Herein, is evidence of conservative contradiction.

    1. Carol says:

      Garbage !!!! DEVIANT behavior is the same no matter what poll you state. There is not one arguement here to defend the behavior of HOMOSEXUALS, only their “preceived” rights ???!!! It should NEVER be a right to engage in unhuman, deviant behavior, especially in public, or with the attempts to change normalacy of our species. Is beastieality OK behind closed drapes ??? Or pediphility ???

  20. George Marino says:

    No not glad. Little kids get confused about all this.

    1. SMDrPepper says:

      How? How are they going to know that two guys walking down the street are married or even gay? How does this change what was already going on anyway? You make no sense at all. The only reason they would be confused as you put it is if you are filling their head with nonsense.

    2. Allen Bamford says:

      Oh in a generation when the bigots are out of power and people don’t feel they need to hide, and parents teach love and acceptance you will see children will not be so confused as much as you think.

  21. SMDrPepper says:

    Who cares what a bunch of neolithic bible thumpers think? They have their world view so twisted that they think the great spaghetti monster is going to destroy the world just because someone got married. Its insane. As for the kids, how are they going to be confused by this unless your filling their heads with your pablum? They are not going to have ringside seats in any ones bedroom. ANd last I checked most gays are impossible to tell from everyone else. Really grow up and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing with their personal lives.

  22. Sensible says:

    I’ve read many comments stating how children will not be able to process same-sex couples. Are you kidding? Children are not that stupid. In my experience, I’ve come across much more intelligent children than adults. Childrens’ brains are not mush, they can think for themselves which is a great thing.

  23. Carol says:

    It is not going to matter in the end, as SCOTUS will have the ultimate say. Besides that, nothing new york did takes away from the FACT that HOMOSEXUALITY is living a deviant lifestyle, DEVIANT, with no morality, no religion, no decentacy, no normal humanity. HOMOSEXUALS know this, everyone knows this, there is no changing that. They are messed up in their minds, much like serial rapists, serial murderers and serial pediphiles, who act out their deviancies in public. VERY VERY sick behavior.

    1. Dana says:

      Your comment made me very sad. Knowing that there are children out there whose parents are teaching them nothing but hate and bigotry makes me very sad. I will have to pray for you tonight because of the hatred you are showing we all know you cannot possibly be a God fearing or God loving woman. Please let us all know your name so that we may all pray for your soul in the pits of HELL!

  24. Carol says:

    Also, please, doesn’t anyone at cbs4 do any proof reading, spell Miami correctly. Sure is a terrible commentary on the state of education in South Florida.

  25. big says:

    Never heard of a queer Bible some seem to think queer sex is ok in the bible. Of course it is a deadly sin and it is safe to assume that married gays intend to sodomize

  26. Mick Khumalo says:

    Homosexual marriage will never be real marriage no matter what they do in New York.
    Just because you go sit in the garage that doesn’t make you a Buick.

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