DAVIE (CBS4) – Drivers who have been zigging and zagging on I-595 for the last year and half as construction crews shift lanes to make way for new ramps and express lanes will now have a new hassle to deal with beginning in July – ramp closures.

The state’s Department of Transportation said long-term ramp closures, which could last for anywhere from 20 days to several months, will begin on July 5th. The first ramps affected will be the westbound S.R. 84 ramp to westbound I-595 at Pine Island Road and the ramp from westbound I-595 to westbound S.R. 84 at Nob Hill Road.

The two ramps will be closed simultaneously for approximately 135 days.

During the closures, drivers heading west on I-595 will be able to use the Pine Island Road exit (continuing westbound on S.R. 84 to Nob Hill Road) or the Hiatus Road (to U-turn at Hiatus Road and continue eastbound on S.R. 84 to Nob Hill Road).

During these ramp closures workers will install the first braided ramps at Pine Island Road in the westbound direction. Braided ramps are a set of two ramps which separate drivers who are entering and exiting the highway; drivers getting off I-595 will travel on a bridge over drivers getting on. This type of ramp eliminates the merge condition that currently exists between I-595 and S.R. 84.

This fall the eastbound ramps between Nob Hill and Pine Island roads will close for about seven months and the northbound University Drive ramp to westbound I-595 will be closed for about three weeks.

Construction started on the $1.2 billion I-595 Express Corridor Improvements Project in February 2010. It is scheduled to be completed in March 2014.


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