MIAMI (CBS4) – It’s a hidden danger under a Miami Park.  One community is outraged after learning their neighborhood harbors dangerous toxins.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen around here day to day,” said concerned neighbor Mary Levy.  “That’s the scary part about living in this area.”

Levy’s six nieces and nephews love to play at Olinda Park in Liberty City.  That was until two months ago when the recreational area was fenced-up and suddenly shut down.

“We don’t know what dangers are lurking out here for our children and that’s what we have to be afraid of,” said Levy.  “I am beyond angry.”

The Environmental Protection Agency determined poisonous elements in the soil of more than two acres at Olinda Park along Northwest 51st Street.

Alex Munoz, Deputy Director of Parks for Miami-Dade County, says the soil testing in the park determined levels that are unacceptable for human contact.

The EPA contacted Miami-Dade County who did further testing in the area and determined dangerous levels of arsenic, cooper, lead, thallium and more.

“How is that possible?,” said Natrena Budget, who lives right across the street from the contaminated area with her children.  “It’s a park!”

Muniz says it is very possible.  That’s because the park is built on top a former landfill that operated back in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

The county says it is fairly common to build parks over old landfills. Now they’re removing the contaminated areas and replacing them with new clean soil.

Many youngsters in the neighborhood aren’t allowed outside because they live so close to the contaminated area.

The county says the park will be back open in two to three months and safe for everyone.

Comments (6)

    A park in Liberty City was found to have toxins in the soil?

    Gunpowder? Crack rocks? Spent shell casings? Blood?

    Ironic a town named Liberty City is the least likely place you’d want to spend time in.

  2. Lee says:

    Well did you know that previously when liberty city was only white americans
    and klansman. No hispanics,no blacks It was call lemon city.

    1. Mangoose says:

      Lee, Did you know that you obviously don’t know any hisotry so before you write, look it up! Liberty City is named for the Liberty Square Housing Project built in the late 1930s for Miami’s low-income African-Americans, the second of its kind in the South at the time. Never were hispanics or white Americans living there! And it was never called a lemon city. You should check your facts before you say anything. Moron!

      1. yokolee says:

        Good post>mangoose

  3. RV says:

    Munoz or Muniz? Which one is it?


    ” Never were hispanics or white Americans living there!”

    And never will. It’s one of the armpits of South Florida and I feel bad for the law abiding residents who have to live there.

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