MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami police are investigating two shootings that happened within 12 hours of each other. One of those shootings, a believed to be a drive-by,  left one person dead and three others wounded.

The first shooting occurred around 1:30 a.m. Thursday on NW 66nd Street between NW 12 and NW 13th Avenues. According to police several people were hanging out in front of a sub shop and grocery market when a car pulled up and shots rang out.

“Right now detectives are saying one or possibly two gunmen just started shooting randomly at this crowd,” said Miami police spokeswoman Ofc. Kenia Reyes.

As the crowd scattered to get away from the gunfire, four people were hit by flying bullets and two others were injured as they ran for their lives.

One person was killed. He has been identified as Jacorey Nathaveil Aaron, 19.

“The vehicle seen that was seen fleeing from this area had very dark tinted windows so detectives are trying to make the model and so far they’ve been able to figure out that it is indeed a white Nissan Maxima,” said Reyes. “A key component to this whole thing is that surveillance cameras may have captured the entire shooting, from the very beginning, so that is something detectives are looking at right now.”

The wounded were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where one is listed in critical condition, the other two are stable.

They are also investigating a second shooting that happened right in front of several news crews, including CBS4, as they were on the scene to gather information about the first shooting. No one was injured in that shooting.

Police say they know who pulled the trigger, and have arrested another man as an accomplice.

“It’s crazy we’re killing each other,” said Patricia Edwards who lives two blocks from where the first, early morning shooting occurred.

Edwards said Thursday’s shooting was too close for comfort and violence happens far too often in her neighborhood; a neighborhood with a high crime rate, high unemployment and a high poverty rate.

“We don’t have to live like this, we don’t,” said Edwards. “We’re all human beings, we all struggle, surviving day by day.”

Many area residents said they live in fear, held hostage by recurring violence.

“Gang and gun violence is beginning to increase like it did back in the 90s,” said community activist Renita Holmes.  “This is history repeating itself, a pattern of violence in an economically oppressed community that is inundated with poor leadership.”

Holmes said it is the children who suffer the most. She held a rally with area residents Thursday night as a platform to voice their concerns.

“They need to protect these children.  They are innocent, they don’t buy guns, they don’t buy drugs and they don’t understand politics. Help us, help us, help us,” said Holmes.


Comments (9)
  1. banana republic says:

    What do you expect from a town with a bunch of drunks, losers and deadbeats that don’t work and mooch of the system to collect medicare and sit at home on there fat behinds while the rest of the community works. Why would any tourist want to come visit this cesspool called mi-jami??

    1. Willie Colon says:

      stop talking bad about the cops haha

  2. Jane Doe says:

    I bet there will be no video footage from a cellphone that the media gets a hold of on this one.

    1. Shocked says:

      LOL…….Not taken that bet. I think that the cops are the shooters. Those crazy Cuban cops. First they shoot that poor kid during the peaceful memorial day weekend celebration and now this.


        “peaceful memorial day weekend celebration ”

        Urban Beach Week? That poor kid was a career criminal wanted in a robbery and he was armed!

        Man, I’d love to be as high as you. Ignorance is bliss. Now go back to watching Boomerang and smoke another joint.

  3. Lourdes Girau says:

    Edwards comment is write. They are killing each other; however is easier to blame the Police and the Chief for their violence.

    See… as long as they kill each other is OK but if the cops have an oportunity
    to defend some of the residents in that neighborhool by killing the bad guy
    WOHH. that’s not call Police Work they call it racism. The fanny part is that Idiots like Tomas Regalado that has his own agenda is willing to listen to does STUPID, OUT OF CONCEPT complains.

  4. Me says:

    Miami is a cesspool I agree. It’s not just gangstas with one brain cell who will do something as non human as to kill, but the rude, unethical, uncourteous people who act like they do in public. Nowhere but Miami and I’ve lived in several cities around the States. Urban Beach Week? LOL that right there just proves how un-American Miami is.

  5. Ak47 lover says:

    People gettin shot is just another day in the hood

  6. Mari says:

    Whose fault is it that a neighborhood if full of violence? If so many in the neighborhood are appalled at what goes on why don’t they get out and report the hoods to the police? But no, all those little hoods with guns are their sweet, poor, innocent children. Take back your own streets and cooperate with law enforcement and stop blaming others for everything that ails you. There are a LOT of people who are unemployed but who still manage to teach their children right from wrong!. Those are the people who deserve help!

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