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PALMETTO BAY, Fla. ( – Miami-Dade County’s mayoral candidates are in the home stretch of their battle for the top office. Thursday, both candidates met in their only debate in South Dade County.

The forum/debate was hosted by the Palmetto Bay Village Voice as an attempt to energize voters.

“We have seen really poor results at the polls in the last couple of elections,” said Peter England of the Palmetto Bay Village Voice. “Very light turnout and that’s not a good trend.”

Both candidates were asked about transportation issues. Former Hialeah Mayor Julio Robaina was specifically questioned about the traffic woes of his city.

“You have a city that’s about 250,000 people,” Robaina said. “In the middle of the day, a few hours it will be 1 million people, in about 26 square miles.”

Former Miami-Dade County Commissioner Carlos Gimenez was quizzed about being a part of Miami-Dade’s lackluster transit system.

“Even we expand the system there is cost associated with that,” Gimenez said. “If we had built the North line and the East-West line, Miami-Dade County would have been nine billion in the red in 30 years.”

For many of the attendees, the debate was dull. But there was one issue that got both the candidates and the potential voters a little riled up, robo-calls and mailings.

“I would love for the next two weeks to eliminate those 6-7 robocalls that they are putting out attacking me constantly,” Robaina said.

“Do I like the robocalls? Do I like the robocalls that are against me? No I don’t,” Gimenez said.

But with all the negativity, many voters are getting sick of the mayoral race from both candidates.

“Afterwards, I went up to Mayor Robaina and I complimented him on the job he did; and I was interested in what he had to say about the issues,” said Palmetto Bay voter Betty Noe. “However, I told him I wouldn’t vote for him because of his sleazy ads that I get in the mail all the time about Mr. Gimenez.”

When Robaina tried to defend himself, Noe was having none of it.

“And he said everybody does it was his words, not an exact quote, more or less and he said when my opponent stops doing it then I will stop doing it,” Noe said. “And I said, ‘no, you need to man up and you need to do it first.’”

Comments (8)
  1. Suz says:

    Where’s the choice here, two nitwits.

  2. Robaina vote NO says:

    Mr Robaina is not fite to be mayor. He will destroy Miami Dade county,. He has only one interest. HIS OWN>

  3. lmmd says:

    Betty Noe? GOOD FOR YOU!

  4. rausky says:

    We voters have the less of two evils to vote for. I for sure will not vote for Robaina. He didn’t have the decency to negotiate with City of Hialeah employee labor union. He then reduced employees salaries more than Alvarez did with County employees.
    Any County employee shouldn’t vote vote for this thief and tyrant. Betty Noe I congratulta you for putting this thief and liar (Robaina) in his place. We voters need to do that more often!

  5. tired says:

    Now that Citizen Fidel is retired maybe we can convince him to run for mayor of Miami!

  6. bobbyb says:

    Everyday I get another robo call from Julio. I get a big BIG card mailed from Julio. Everything is about Gimenez getting a car and a pension. Well guess what? Julio will get about the same pension and a nice car – just like every other official that serves our community. Julio never says anything good about himself – only these statements that his groups are trying to make sound evil. I have not gotten one call or card from Mr. Gimenez’ s camp…Julio previously made a promise that he isn’t going to be arrested or inducted during his term if elected. How embarrassing! … If we are so unfortunate as to have Julio elected, he may forgo the vehicle but I bet he never gives up his pension. Carlos Gimenez stood up against Alvarez regarding our taxes. Isn’t that what we want? God help us if Julio gets in.

  7. Bill Regalado says:

    I am sick and tired of the politicians in dade County. ALL of them are crooks and self serving. There is not ONE that is worth electing. Gimenez, Robaina, you name it. ALL are looking out for themselves. Next week I am moving out of Dade County and going to Palm Beach.

    1. lmmd says:

      um best do you homework on how many PBC commissioners and mayor and elected officials are currently in jail……they’d give MD county a run for their money

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