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ORLANDO (CBS4)- Gov. Rick Scott has signed a bill creating a new state agency to promote Florida business and economic development.

Scott said the legislation he signed Tuesday would help him keep promises to streamline government, eliminate inefficiencies and grow Florida’s economy.

The agency will be called the Department of Economic Opportunity.

Scott signed the bill while meeting with Enterprise Florida leaders in Orlando.

Enterprise Florida is an existing public-private economic development partnership that will continue.

Scott said the new law will help the state more quickly react to business development opportunities.

It reduces the deadline for acting on incentive funding to 10 days instead of as many as 42.

The new law also lets Scott approve incentives up to $2 million without legislative approval.

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Comments (2)
  1. ScottWillSaveUs says:

    To all you UNION loving folks, this is the guy that will save our state!! LIke it or Not its all about real provate sector jobs and not about tax sucking union jobs.

  2. tired says:

    I wonder which of his and his wife’s corporate entities are going to get those “incentives”? He took the state of CA to the cleaners and now he’s going to do the same in FL!

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