MIAMI (CBS4)-As the Miami Heat prepare to tip off against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 6 of the NBA finals, some die hard Miami fans are performing some unusual rituals hoping to bring the Heat to victory.

At the Botanica Pet Shop El Viejo Lazaro, owner Nelson Hernandez said he has seen at least 400 to 500 customers looking for supplies to perform voodoo or santeria rituals in support of the Heat.

He illustrated the ritual placing some herbs for good luck. Next, he inserted three sticks of incense into a mango and lit them on fire.

“Try to protect, you know, the three best players,” he said.

“Bosh Wade and James?” asked CBS 4’s Tiffani Helberg.

“Yes we’re protecting them with this, yes, it’s for protection,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez displayed a small African statue of a warrior holding a spear. Hernandez explained that the statue represents a strong defense.

Finally he laid three white voodoo dolls on the table next to the other items.

“You know everything is in white,” he smiled.

Customer Sangode Lowe was in the store stocking up on supplies before Sunday’s big game.

“Of course, I want them to win,” said Lowe. “By any means necessary we’re talking this is war! Miami’s got to win.”

Some fans wear jerseys, others paint their bodies in the teams colors.

Here in Miami, some fanatics believe religious rituals can only help.

Hernandez said none of the rituals are aimed at hurting the Mavericks.

“It’s a good energy, it’s nothing bad,” he said.

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Comments (8)
  1. joey Jordan says:

    Voodoo, Talismans, Curses, it is what earns Miami it’s weel desrved title of “Third World” City and The “Banana Republic!”

    1. Juan Carlos Ramirez Jose Diaz Suarez says:

      Right… I suppose you’d be happier if everyone here was white? You do realize that racism is out of style, don’t you? Perhaps this information hasn’t reached your trailer-park as of yet.

  2. rob says:

    We would have to do much more than that to win.
    Like having players with guts, and not sissies

  3. Cochise says:

    Just find the Voo Doo dolls of Bosh, James and Wade, and remove the pins, that’s all that needs to be done.

  4. Jean Baptiste Sak Pase Aristede says:

    So let me see if I understand this. You don’t like cuban coffee, you don’t like the Heat, and you think everyone here is lazy and uneducated. Maybe you should move back to Michigan, or Iowa, or wherever you caucasian people come from. If you are uncomfortable living in a heterogenous city, you should leave. I’m pretty sure no one will miss you

    1. Igotnoidea says:

      You assume this person doesn’t like The Heat, but could be that he/she is calling out those ‘jumping the wagon, which in a way really aren’t true fans. You assume this person is Caucasian, when it may be possible they are Asian, (African) American, Arabic, or a Hispanic in disgrace of the Hispanic community in Miami. Just sayin.

  5. adrianrobinsonm says:


  6. Steve Paco says:

    I am going to put a voo doo curse on hispanics because they have ruined Mi-Jami. It is interesting that a poster named jean probably a smelly black knows where another posted originates from. Yes, Mi-jami is the most uneducated city in the USA. This is because we have residents that come from other countries that can care less about learning English and have no manners.

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