Pedestrian Struck, Killed Near Flagler Street

MIAMI (CBS4)- Police are investigating after a pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Flagler Street and 42nd Avenue Friday morning.

According to witness statements to Miami Police, the driver of a black Ford pick-up truck was driving north on LeJeune Road (42nd). At the same time a white Lexus SUV was attempting to make a left turn from LeJeune onto Flagler Street.

As both cars got to the intersection, they collided.

It was at that point that the Ford truck lost control and ran over a pedestrian on the sidewalk.

Both drivers stopped and remained on the scene of the accident.

Miami police aren’t releasing the name of the victim until they have notified next of kin.

  • Bystander

    I was there shortly after it happened. The pedestrian was on the corrner waiting to cross the street, wrong place wrong time. It was a really traumatic scene since the pedestrian was cut in half. He was covered up but his liver was laying on the streets and part of his intestine was on the sidewalk. I will never forget that scene as long as I live.

  • vohl

    If only people respect the speed limit.

  • Deziree

    I was at work when I heard about what had just happend. I saw the scene from my office window. Thankfully, I couldnt see much due to distance. I was only able to see the fire truck and police directing the traffic. I wouldn’t want those images in my head. I felt horrible the rest of the day. Pore man! Just standing there. My praires are with his family.

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