Did Flo-Rida Get The VIP Treatment After DUI Arrest?

MIAMI (CBS4) – A day after a south Florida rapper, Flo-rida, was arrested for DUI CBS4 news discovers his release may have been expedited because of who he is.

CBS4 reporter Silva Harapetian went looking for answers and confronted one of the Miami correctional officers who helped with his release.

“We have a few questions. Nobody else gets that kind of treatment?” Asked Harapetian as she chased Cpl. Darleen Brownville.

She remained silent.

Questions about whether Flo-rida, who’s real name is Tramar Dillard, received VIP treatment surfaced when he was released only three hours after he was booked into Dade County Jail. Bail bondsman say it usually takes an inmate between 8 to 12 hours after they are booked to be released.

Victor Derado who was arrested for driving a suspended license was released 11 hours after he was booked.

“When you have a lot of money it’s different,” Derado says.

It turns out there may have been more rules that were broken as Flo-rida was being released. CBS4 cameras captured video that shows the jail door was propped open for nearly an entire minute as Flo-rida’s entourage passed in
his personal belonging, a hat and a t-shirt he used to cover his face as he left the jail.

Spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Detention and Rehabilitation Department, Janelle Hall, says “jail door should not be open.” She say that’s a violation of policy.

A correctional officer, Cpl. Darleen Brownsville, was seen directing Flo-rida’s Escalade into the wrong side of the street and away from reporters.

Bail Bondsman Freddy Lopez witnessed the entire episode and says no correctional officer has ever helped any of his clients.

Spokesperson with the Department of Correction and Rehabilitation Department tells CBS4, “We don’t condone any acts that gives any inmate any preferential treatment.
Iit will be investigated and then there will be action taken.”


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