FT. LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – A double standard has led a Broward judge to rule that police can no longer ticket drivers caught running red lights.

If a driver is caught running a red light by a police officer they are fined $260, but if they are caught on camera the fine is only $158. In his ruling Broward circuit court Judge Fred Berman said tickets for running red lights are unconstitutional when issued by an officer because the fine is higher than fines imposed on drivers caught running through lights on camera.

Attorney Ted Hollander says Berman’s ruling sets a legal precedent for judges hearing officer-issued tickets in Broward County. He represented a driver cited by a Davie officer.

Officials say the ruling doesn’t change the law just yet.

Florida’s attorney general plans to appeal Berman’s ruling.

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Comments (3)
  1. denis says:

    I think i’m going to move to the AMERICA where big brother isn’t watching your every move you make.OH wait i am in…..

  2. bobbyb says:

    Why is there this great need to run red lights? Do you think they ticket to be mean? People can get killed by people running lights. I think that tickets are the incentive to stop at the lights. My husband got hit on Sunset Drive in Miami by someone trying to run the turn signal. Lucky he didn’t get killed but now his back is destroyed. If there had been a camera maybe the driver might have stopped so they wouldn’t get a ticket…. Now this judge rules that police can’t write tickets — REAL SMART! Why have any rules at all…..

  3. Dan says:

    @bobbyb cops can still give tickets for running a red light but the judge is pointing out that if a cop writes you a ticket it’s double the price and you get points taken off your license. However if you get caught by a camera the fine is less and no points just a fine. So do you think it’s fair if two people run the same light one gets in more trouble then the other. Say it was about parking meters.. Would You be ok if you got a ticket by a cop for twice the amount then someone who parked in the same spot and was tiCketed for a lot less.

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