MIAMI (CBS4) – An eyewitness who shot a video of a Memorial Day police involved shooting on South Beach claims a police officer tried to destroy the recording.

Narces Benoit said he and girlfriend Ericka Davis just happened to be in the area when nearly dozen officers surrounded a car driven by Raymond Herisse and opened fire. Herisse was killed and four bystanders and three police officers were injured.

Benoit said when he saw the officers surrounding the car, he pulled out his cell phone and hit the video record button. After the shooting, Benoit said when one of the officers noticed him recording what was going on, he came over to the truck with his gun drawn.

“One of the officers jumped in the truck, put a pistol to me head, poked me like three times saying ‘What the”bleep” is you recording?” By that time I was on the floor, handcuffed, my phone was smashed, he stepped on it,” said Benoit.

Benoit said he was able to pull the memory card from the phone and hide it in his mouth while he and Davis were questioned by police.

He’s now considering suing the Miami Beach police department over the way he and Davis were treated.

Late Tuesday, the city of Miami Beach denied that claim.

City spokesperson Nannette Rodriguez released a statement saying that officers reacted only after Benoit was seen rapidly walking to his car. Rodriguez stated that Benoit was arrested because he matched the description of one of the suspects just reported fleeing the scene, and refused to stop after repeated commands.

The statement read, in part:

“During the course of the investigation, Mr. Benoit was brought to the station as a witness to the incident. In a recorded statement, the investigating detective informed Mr. Benoit that his cell phone was being seized as investigative evidence and would be returned to him at a later date. Mr. Benoit signed and was provided with a copy of the Miami Beach Property Receipt. Any and all video of the incident is crucial to the investigation, and it is not unusual for police to secure any video that may have evidentiary value. Several other phones were also secured during the course of the investigation.”

Rodriguez went on to say that the damage to Benoit’s cell phone was minimal.

Police opened fire just before 4:00 a.m. Monday, May 30th, after Herisse reportedly got into an altercation with an officer at 18th Street and Collins Avenue. Miami Beach police said it wasn’t Herisse’s first attempt to strike an officer.

“From the initial stop, there was an attempt to strike an officer with his vehicle and there was an attempt later on Collins Avenue to strike two other officers that I’m aware off, at approximately 15th and Collins, and there was an attempt to strike two officers on bicycles somewhere down the 1300 block of Collins Avenue. So to the best of my knowledge at this point, a total of five officers were almost struck by this individual,” said Miami Beach Police Chief Carlos Noriega at the time.

More than one hundred rounds were fired by the eight Miami Beach and four Hialeah police officers involved in the shooting. Police found a Berretta 92F semi-automatic pistol in the car Herisse was driving, but haven’t said if it was fired during the melee.

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  1. wannabe cop thugs says:

    Whatcha gonna do when the p—s come shootin at you?? This town is a complete joke, the people are moronic and the so-called cops are even stupider. Leave it to the punks in blue to do something like this. I am really glad that this guy had the balls to hide the sim card in his mouth. This guy deserves a medal!! These punks in uniform think they can go ahead and intimidate people with there water pistol and badge. I hope this guy sues the pig department and owns miami beach after it’s all done.

    1. Devils advocate says:

      lol your funny … if someone came in your house and messed with your folks u would act the same way too …. dont blaim po po :o)

  2. MiamiBeachezCopzCorruptez says:

    Typical. Not surprised the copz tried to jack the guy for videoing them. Between the copz and parking authority, Miami Beachez is the most corrupt beach in the world.

    It’s gonna get bad there some day and I wouldn’t want to be the copz.

    1. Henry says:

      You are a horrible speller

      1. anonymous says:

        You’re not too great with punctuation.

    2. Devils advocate says:

      lol some one here never traved 🙂

  3. sobe50 says:


    This Conservative and usual pro LAW and pro POLICE supporter is OUTRAGED by the irresponsible actions of the 12 Police Officers that joined in a Police ONLY shooting melee on South Beach !

    FOUR Citizens were wounded by POLICE IRRESPONSIBILITY !

    One only can guess at the number of other innocent bystanders that were put at risk by these “POLICE OFFICERS” fortunately none of the wounded bystanders were killed by the POLICE fire …

    THIS IS AN OUTRAGE ! and there must be serious consequences for those involved

    The Suspect did not fire on the POLICE, no POLICE OFFICERS reported injuries, yet we are to believe that stopping this “dangerous driver” that had supposedly tried to run the Police with his car … REQUIRED DEADLY FORCE

    I have seen the video of the car totally stopped, while the POLICE OFFICERS gathered and began firing over 100 rounds at an unarmed Suspect …

    The fact that FOUR Citizen Bystanders were shot by the POLICE is the indicator that the POLICE ACTIONS were IRRESPONSIBLE !!

    There is NO EXCUSE for the wounding of Citizens as ONLY the POLICE were SHOOTING their firearms …


    1. yaz says:

      That is why I don’t feel respect for most police in this county, because of their abuse of power. But this will continue if us citizens don’t do nothing about it. We need to complaint. It is out of hand and irresponsible from the MDPD

      1. Devils advocate says:

        Good thing your not a cop we would be in great danger

      2. yokolee says:

        Shame , shame
        only happens once a year
        i wonder way…………………………………?

        Next event bring the US ARMY

  4. Big Boss says:

    Does anyone feel safe in Miami anymore? Not only do we have to watch our backs for the ones who break the law, but now we have to watch our backs for the ones who our supposed to protect us and enforce the law.

    Notice every time they mention the guy who was shoot, they always point out that he tried to fight a cop and its not his first run in with the law. Has anyone every tried to fight a cop and then been able to get into their car and then try to run the cop over.

    Miami Cops arrest people for walking down the street the wrong way. This was a poor judgement call on the Police and now they ‘re trying to cover the trail

  5. AdApA1111 says:

    This is racism period point blank,the guy did nnot run over a single cop,nor was he armed.all lies they should be lined up for the firing squad,or chair,lethal injection for all shooters involved.Imagine this event brings more money to the beach than all other events combined,i say lets move our event elsewhere these cops desreve the chair now no trial necessary…

  6. Gus says:

    12 cops shooting over 100 rounds to kill 1 man with 1 gun?

  7. Anonymous so no cops pop me says:

    Man, you should offer to remain silent for $100.000 (no more, no less) and if they don’t pay string that cop up by his man parts in court. He should NEVER AGAIN be allowed to carry a gun or work any security / police. On his next offence he should be locked up for a minimum of 10 years and the prison population told just what he did.

  8. Anonymous so no cops pop me says:


    All the towns down there are overrun with cops who have something to prove. They especially like fines for out of staters because it brings money into the state. No more vacationers means no more money. That is the surest way to stop this, make them see that their money dry up.

    I will be watching this in the news, all the way till the end, and you better believe I will never again visit Florida if a single one of the worst cops in the video go free without long jail time.

    We apparently need laws to protect people recording cops in particular. Make it like a triple penalty offence with automatic damages given by the department so they take it seriously.

  9. Justen says:

    seems like the “police” would be better off if they took off their cop uniforms and put on an SS uniform–or dressed like the gestapo…at least them they would not be putting up a pretense of hatred toward the people–and the people would at least have some idea what to expect…the police would just as soon strip you of your rights as look at you.

  10. Devils advocate says:

    Lol I dont feel any love in this page 😦 Good thing not everyone can become a cop nower days …. by the way if you dont wanna get shot get back and put your cameras away …this dude is lucky not to be one of the 4 people getting shot…. I aint no cop but if someone ever messes with me I would love to have these cops watching my back 🙂 RIP car driver Ur in a better place now

  11. BradCanelo says:

    ha ha, the federal government is powerless BIGTIME against an insurging Miami-Dade or Miami, Broward officers as they are a force to be reckoned with and are hitmen for the MOB (i.e.) ( Florida)!!! th FEDERAL government is right in with these mobsters (i.e.) (Florida) cops) and will do anything to protect them!!!

  12. BradCanelo says:

    The U.S. government is all about ‘HOW MUCH U GOT’!!!

  13. spiceymoon says:

    2 years ago I also recorded the Miami beach Police and the bouncers of mangos assualting an un armed man they had on the ground. They rushed me (a female) and tried to smash my camera to the ground, but because it was wrapped around my wrist, they ended up spraining my arm and back. Law Suit!!! The internal Affairs unit is very aware at the disgusting, evil behavior of the police on the Beach. They want to end so called Urban Weekend. Every problem on the Beach is always from the p0olice and bouncers. They have t-shirts on Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation. I think EVERYONE should start boycotting Miami Beach. They dont want us there anyway.Not just Memorial day weekend. BOYCOTT!!!! Lets find a better place !!!!

  14. Zapata says:

    “We KNOW he had a gun” ???!!! Oh please. It took more than 2 DAYS to find this mysterious gun in his car. Give us a break. A 12 year old could have found a gun in that car in less than10 minutes, if there was one which just about anyone with HALF a brain knows was NEVER there. An obvious “throw down” if there ever was one- TWO DAYS LATER. The cops must think we are ALL stooopid. Disgraceful,shameless coverup of a disgraceful, shameless, venomous EXECUTION.

  15. peek a boo says:

    Hay! The police have been looking for that same guy for over 50 years LOL. Many other people stated that their cell phones were confiscated and destroyes. Ahhh…what else can we come up with??? Why was the suspect murdered at the OK CORRAL???? Seems like someone wanted to shut him up. The car was stopped and the suspect didn’t have a gun….well until 2 days later, 2 days after he was dead ::)))) And I have swamp land in Florida! What else??? Ahh…a couple days off for being bad boys…..Ahhh…the person that was shot was a bad person……didn’t want to get video taped for killing someone .OK CORRAL STYLE…Only cochroaches hide in the dark..

  16. share the love says:

    email this video to everyone. Dont let this video go into obscurity. This is 1 on 500000 police brutality incidents a year. Please pass this video on to everyone.

  17. wm says:

    police don t want .disorderly people on miami beach its not good for bussiness.
    see benzito source magazine incident. there is no profit for the city of miami beach . oh wait there is .. the tow truck company … police department buddies and relatives own the tow truck company.. ps # 2 try to open a tow truck bussiness there … not even lebron can get a permit .. corruption all the way to the notary who charges 200 dollars . not witness proper id so you can get your towed car back .. hope they don t put a hit on me …… instead of not comming back to miami beach . everyone should come 200,000 strong …..and every one keep comming . thats what they don t want . black/hispanics on beach …so if you boycot miami beach police wins …… miami beach every weekend untillll oinkies learn how to be officers not thugs … good luck to all .see ya in miami

  18. anonymous says:

    The Miami Beach Police Department’s reason for arresting the witness does not make any sense at all!!! Why would they think the suspect who just supposedly jumped out of a fleeing car would be sitting inside of a car filming the event on his cell phone??

    That is RIDICULOUS!!!

  19. Alexandro De Pinedo says:

    I work for a police dept for 8 years,mistakes has been made,stop the BULL and fire the culprits… to do so.

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