MIAMI ( – Four years after the murder of Randi Gorenberg, police have released the photo of a person of interest in the slaying.

Police are looking for Michel Barrera, who has multiple outstanding warrants in Miami-Dade County including: attempted murder on law enforcement, armed bank robbery, fleeing and eluding, and shooting at police during a high speed chase.

He’s also wanted for a series of bank robberies in Miami-Dade County in the late 1990’s.

For Randi’s mother, Idey, she’s trying to not get her hopes up too much, but she is encouraged.

“Yes I feel very hopeful,” Idey said. “It’s not going to bring Randi back. I just don’t want him wlaking around free. She’s gone. You can’t be walking around free and enjoying life. I want him to be in prison. I want him to suffer. I want his parents to suffer like I’ve suffered.”

Randi Gorenberg was a mother of two. She was last seen at the Boca Raton Town Center in March 2007. Shortly after that, she was shot and her body thrown from her SUV.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s investigators got the information leading them to Barrera from a confidential informant who was in jail at the time of the Gorenberg murder.

The informant allegedly told investigators that after the murder, he/she heard MS-13 gang members talking about the murder and how gang members were responsible for the crime. The informant said that a hit man, believed to be Barrera, assisted in the killing.

PBSO detectives say that Barrera has family members living in Miami who at the time of the murder owned a silver Chrysler 300. That was the type of car believed to have been seen in the Home Depot following behind the Mercedes SUV just after the shooting and just before the Mercedes was abandoned.

The PBSO said Barrera is considered armed and dangerous and could be traveling in and out of the U.S. and South Florida from Mexico.

“It’s awful to know this,” Idey said. “It’s horrible to know this man is still around and walking the street and breathing and living and he may have been harming people we don’t even know about.”

PBSO investigators said Barrera may be living and traveling under a fictitious identity.

Still, knowing that Barrera is in law enforcement’s sights was welcome news at the Boca Town Center Friday.

“Certainly now it’s very reassuring to know as a shopper, and as someone who frequents the mall, it gives some peace of mind,” said Debbie Cohen.

“I’m surprised they have someone in mind at this late date,” said Elliot Cohen. It’s good news. It’s one of those crimes you can never quite forget. It was horrible when it happened. I hope they catch someone.”

And Idey said while time may make the murder a memory for some, she will continue to fight for it to get justice for Randi.

“As long as I’m alive, I’m going to call the detectives,” Idey said. “I will never let it be a cold case. We’re going to be chasing this person.”

Comments (3)
  1. Robertico says:

    MS-13 gang members ?

    Do whatever it tales to make sure they don’t take root down here.

  2. Bill says:

    Find him, then shot him in the face several times, and let him rot in a alley for the rats to nourish their young on.

  3. Anal Chapstick says:

    Sorry, but why nothing about the victim, Randi Gorenberg, except his/her name?

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