ACLU Sues To Stop Enforcement Of New Elections Law

TALLAHASSEE (CBS4) — The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida filed suit in federal court on Friday seeking to block implementation of new changes to Florida’s elections laws until it can be reviewed and examined by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Critics say the new elections law was written to discourage voters likely to support Democrats.

ACLU Florida argues in the suit that the changes in election law must first be approved by the federal Justice Department to ensure that they aren’t discriminatory.

The law created tighter restriction on groups that conduct voter registration drives, requires voters who change their address at the polls to cast a provisional ballot and reduces the number of early voting days.

Critics say minorities are often the target of voter registration drives and that the provision that doesn’t allow voters to cast a regular ballot if they’ve changed addresses will disproportionately affect lower income residents and college students.

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  • observerfromupnorth

    The the ACLU to go to He double hockey sticks, the reason this is being put in place is to avoid false voter registration, and ensure the actual vote is what the people want anyone who is against this policy surely just wants to be able to lie, cheat, and control the vote. Get over yourself ACLU you are about a thing f the past.

    • Phil Landers

      of* H-E* want. Anyone* (I mean, while we’re at it)

  • observerfromupnorth


  • Tim3500

    I can’t even go to visit someone in the hospital without a pic. id and photo of me,but I can vote without either. There is something wrong here folks.

  • Fed-Up American


  • aclu and proud

    Can someone explain why the ACLU is treasonous? were trying to secure the right to friggin vote? Or are cons just scared to lose an election?

  • Phil Landers

    I have NEVER reported a comment in my life.

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