MIAMI (CBS4) — Cuban music icon Pablo Milanes is finally coming to Miami.

Milanes helped found Nueva Trova, a form of political folk music that emerged following the Cuban revolution and went on to gain worldwide fame.

Concert organizer Fuego Entertainment says the Miami concert will be part of a larger U.S. tour beginning in Washington, Aug. 25. Other stops are Puerto Rico, New York and San Francisco.

Fuego president Hugo Cancio believes Miami is a natural market for Cuban artists because of the large Cuban community, but also because the island’s music is so popular with Latin Americans in general.

Milanes’ hits include: “Yolanda,” and “Yo me quedo.” He has played in New York. But his historical connection with Fidel Castro and the revolution made him unpopular with many older Cuban exiles.

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Comments (3)
  1. Ray says:

    Almost all the Cuban artists brought to USA by Mr. Cancio are, like him, apologetics of the long data Cuban dictatorship. Pablo Milanes was also part of the establishment but now a day he is practically the only internationally relevant Cuban Artist living in Cuba who has embarrassed the Cuban government with public statements. That important part should have been mentioned.
    Also please stop calling anti Cuban those that criticize or act against Cuban government. They are POR CUBAN and anti Cuban government.

  2. Ray says:

    Sheriff, most of the time I wouls agree with you but in this case, and only in this case, we should support this guy who has been critizicing Castro’s dictatorship.

    1. Robert Keith Koledo says:

      Yes, I agree with Ray. Even if Mr. Milanes is not directly criticizing the Cuban government, his statements regarding the non success of socialism are obvious. Personally I don’t speak fluent spanish but discovered his music through a Cuban living in Nicaragua. I and many other gringos enjoy the music and melodies of some of his songs, they are soothing, beautiful, and should be shared with the world. When I’ve translated some of these songs, I don’t read anti american statements. Let the man sing here. How many brutal dictators have we invited to the white house for dinner? I’m sure Mr Milanes will pay for his own dinner while in town. lol

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