Curfew Suggested For 2012 Urban Beach Weekend

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Miami Beach city leaders are trying figure out ways to curb the violence seen at this year’s Urban Beach Weekend.

Their proposal? Set a curfew.

South Beach bars and nightclubs are known for their early morning last call, but Commissioner Jerry Libbin supports the city manager’s idea to move it up several hours.

“Maybe in this case, that we say, you have a 5 a.m. liquor license, but we want you to curtail it at 2 a.m. or 1 a.m.,” said Libbin. ” I think you’ll find a lot of businesses prefer to actually close.”

The idea is generating positive feedback from business owners and employees, who say the risk is simply not worth the reward.

“”I think you know most of the violence does occur after midnight, it’s not a bad idea,” said bartender Austin Gagnon, who also lives on the beach. ” “It’s pretty much the only weekend of the year that we have violence and destruction. In the end, sometimes it’s not worth the money. I’d rather be safe.”

Libbin plans to raise the curfew issue at the city’s next commission meeting.

“It’s a shame a few bad apples spoil the bushel,” said Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower. “I don’t know that I want to go down, personally, as a city with the curfew.”


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