PLANTATION (CBS4) – A Broward Sheriff’s deputy is under investigation and on administrative leave because of an apparent confrontation with a driver.

The driver is a Hispanic woman who told police the deputy made racial slurs, gave her the finger and stole her cellphone and ID.

The incident unfolded on Monday just after 12 o’clock.

The driver — Neyda Osorio — told Plantation Police that she was driving her Ford F-150 truck out of a shopping center on 441 near Broward Boulevard and was headed westbound just before the incident.

She made a u-turn and started heading east on Broward Boulevard. Osorio told police that at that point a passenger in her truck noticed a deputy trying to get her attention.

One of Osorio’s attorneys, Edward McGee, described what Osorio heard the deputy saying.

“The officer made ethnic slurs about her Hispanic heritage and told her essentially to go back where she came from,” McGee told CBS 4’s Carey Codd.

Osorio told police Pletcher then pulled her over. She was concerned about the incident and asked the passenger to began recording Pletcher on Osorio’s Blackberry cellphone.

According to a Plantation Police search warrant, Osorio said Pletcher “repeatedly demanded they give him the phone stating they would be placed under arrest if they did not turn it over.”

Osorio claims Pletcher restrained her by reaching into her truck and grabbing the cellphone out of her purse.

She said there was a struggle and her wrist was injured.

Osorio also said she handed Pletcher her driver’s license and green card. The search warrant said Pletcher looked at the green card and “then threw it at her striking her in the face area.”

At that point, Osorio said Pletcher told her to drive into a bank parking lot. The warrant says Pletcher drove away with Osorio’s cellphone and driver’s license.

A security guard at the bank told CBS 4 that Osorio came up to him and related the story, asking him to call 911 for her, which he did.

Plantation Police responded and searched the area.  The search warrant shows that they found Osorio’s phone in two pieces, put it together and the video was downloaded at BSO.

The warrant shows that two of Pletcher’s former supervisor’s at BSO identified him in the video.

Osorio said she is still shocked over the incident.

“I never believed a police officer would act in this way,” she said, as translated by another of her attorneys, Paul Finizio.

The search warrant is for Pletcher’s marked BSO vehicle. The warrant says that Osorio’s driver’s license has not been recovered. It is not clear if the vehicle was searched and what, if anything, was recovered.

The warrant also says “Pletcher was not on duty during the time of this incident and there is no indication of any radio contact with B.S.O. dispatch” during the traffic stop.

We were not able to reach Pletcher for a comment but his attorney told us he believes his client will be cleared.

“There are two sides to every story,” Eric Schwartzreich said. “He didn’t do anything wrong and when the smoke clears, he will be exonerated of any wrongdoing.”

According to BSO, Pletcher began working for the agency in 2004. He is a patrol deputy in Pompano Beach. His attorney confirmed that in 2007 Pletcher was involved in a fatal traffic crash in Pompano Beach.

A man on a motorbike died when he collided with a BSO vehicle driven by Pletcher.  Pletcher was investigated and cleared of wrongdoing.

One of Osorio’s attorneys, Edward McGee, said this case shows why it is important for citizens to use their cellphones if they believe someone in authority is misusing their power.

“If you see a public official doing something that you think is wrong, don’t be afraid to use your technology,” McGee said. “Use your cellphone to preserve that evidence. Without it, too many times, (it’s as if it) didn’t happen.”

Neyda Osorio remains distraught over what happened and says what occurred should not happen again.

“That are no more people like him in the streets doing what he did to me to other people,” she said, through attorney Finizio.

A BSO spokesperson would not comment on the case, saying there is an open internal affairs investigation into the matter.

No charges have been filed at this point against Pletcher and Plantation Police are also investigating.

The video of the incident has not been released by Plantation Police.

Comments (13)
  1. malasangre says:

    use your tech but dont let po-po know or this is what you get

  2. EL CUBACHON says:

    Another tough guy bites the dust. If you have a badge and a gun and you think your above the law… think again!

    1. Nar says:

      Don’t say anything when you don’t know the whole story….

  3. FYI says:

    Hispanic is an ethnicity and not a race. Unless you are native or black Spanish speaker.

  4. danny says:

    How do you know this woman is even telling the truth?

    1. Dan says:

      @ Danny.. She has evidence of the cop on her phone that was smashed to peices. The artical says cops found her phone in the parking lot in peices and at the station they identified the officer.
      He was off duty and I’m pretty sure you need to dispatch if your making a traffic stop.
      He’s a thief and lier and I hope he goes to jail for theft and abuse of power.
      But I wouldn’t be surprised if internal affairs clears him and puts him on duty.

      1. danny says:

        No one saw the cop “smash the phone to pieces” did they? We have the word of a law enforcement officer to that of a person who cant speak english. In our justice system, this would be tough nut to crack.

  5. Dan says:

    What’s your name? Where do you live? What’s your email?
    You know if you have a little background with a computer it wouldn’t be hard to find out where you live… Just be careful what you say. I wouldnt want an artical to be about us.

    1. keith says:

      Are you that stupid Dan, Danny,? bso tech put it back together and watched it,, HIS SUPERIORS RECOGNIZED HIM!!!!!!LOL .

      And if you are in for threatening people,, find me,, you sitting behind the computer all worldly wise.

      That being said,, I agree with this country being taken over by non speaking pieces of sh-t who get mad at me because I dont speak spanish,,, I am a floride born boy who has watched my loved broward turned into a cesspool from out of state and out of country. No respect or courtesy. I still say yes sir, yes maam.. And yes there are exceptions to every rule, but the rule still is there,, your country is in shambles ,(pick any) so you come here and turn mine into a zoo

      1. Mar says:

        I agree Keith… I’m not originally from here.. But I speak English very well because that’s the language of the country I live in… This story is bs … This woman is making up bunch of lies and trying to use race to make money… FYI cops can take ur phone if they want to for their safety reasons… There are guns in form of phone… They put their life in line to keep us safe… Shame on u Dan!…

  6. vugvee says:

    Sounds like your average BSO deputy to me. They are ALL corrupt as the day is long. Just another day.

  7. anonymous says:

    Broward county is a joke! Most of the crime you see on TV happens there! SERIOUSLY! Look at the news! It’s a horrible place to live.

    1. danny says:

      Not really- I love broward before miami. Its quieter, more jobs, better people, bigger road space, and everything is closer

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